Partnership allows website to be at the forefront of advertising technology

The Telegraph Group teams up with Fresh8 Gaming

This deal sees the launch of a native advertising product with betting brands across all sports sections of one of UK's biggest online websites.

United Kingdom 
| 13/09/2017

The deal will enable The Telegraph to use Fresh8's technology to offer personalized and contextual advertisement to their sports betting partners.

Last month, The Telegraph saw record acquisition results  for the Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor fight in Las Vegas. The Telegraph was one of the best-performing affiliate partners across the industry for the boxing event, yielding five-figure registrations, and market-leading conversion to first time deposits.

This deal sees the launch of a native advertising product with betting brands across all sports sections of one of the UK's biggest online portals. Fresh8's toolkit publisher allows The Telegraph to step away from ad-serving static gambling banners in traditional ad slots, which were unable to leverage the rich and targeted content offered.

Fresh8's publisher toolkit automatically matches operator bets and offers to editorial content in both native and ad-served environments. The platform leverages editorial content and real time customer data to deliver the most effective conversion message in premium locations on publisher pages. This technology removes the requirement for asset production for operators and ensures that the advertiser gets the most value out of any campaign, while making The Telegraph's content more valuable.

Steve Stiles, Head of Interactive Sport at The Telegraph, said: “We are delighted by our technology partnership with Fresh8 for our sport and fantasy content. Fresh8 enable us to offer relevant messaging to our customer base automatically and we have already seen great results. Using the Fresh8 technology for the Mayweather McGregor fight we saw record numbers of conversions, proving this partnership is a win-win for everybody.”

 Andrew Sharland, CEO at Fresh8 Gaming said: “The Telegraph is a great partner for us. Their premium sports content fits perfectly with our ambition to provide publishers with tools that enhance the betting conversion journey, while simultaneously removing the burden of ad generation and distribution. By automatically inserting betting messaging into publisher content we are delighted to be helping to generate record results for The Telegraph Media Group. This is one of a series of Tier 1 partnerships we will be announcing in the coming months.”