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Kindred's Unibet renews sponsorhip of 300 French amateur soccer clubs through 2022

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Kindred's sportsbook brand Unibet announced Friday it will continue to sponsor 300 amateur football clubs in France through the #AuCoeurDuFootball program, thus marking the fourth season of Unibet's donations of jersey kits to the players and clothes to the volunteers at the clubs in the amateur leagues, among other contributions. 

Kindred has been supporting amateur football in France since 2019 and will continue their support in 2022. On top of the 10,000 kits with jerseys, shorts and socks for the players and clothes for the clubs' volunteers, Unibet will also support the clubs with a digital tool that will ease the administrational burden smaller clubs so often need to battle. Unibet was the first brand to launch this type of national sponsoring campaign of amateur football in France and since 2019, supported over 640 amateur football clubs.

In an official press release, Mathieu Drida, General Manager France, Kindred Group, said: "We are very proud to continue supporting the amateur football by financing the jersey kits of more than 300 clubs and 10,000 players everywhere in France. Due to the current pandemic, a lot of clubs have experienced a massive drop in their revenues and have seen their number of licensees decreasing. It was natural for us to strengthen our engagement with the Au Coeur Du Football program and renew for a fourth season".

Regis Mace, FC Centre Bretagne, added: "We have saved about EUR 4,000 thanks to the football kits we have received, and the extra donation earned via our social media activity. It represents about 15 per cent of our annual budget and has also helped to improve the image of our clubs".

Pedro Sorbal, Es Paris XII, concluded: "I had heard a lot of positive feedback from this sponsoring project, so we decided to apply for our club. We were really happy and proud to be selected as one of the clubs sponsored by Unibet. Both players and volunteers have felt grateful because it has helped our clubs to step up".

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