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Gtech Mexico places 9th on list of "super companies"

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Of the 437 companies that participated in the evaluation this year, only 97 were ranked. Gtech Mexico placed 9th in the "under 500 employees" category.

In order to more efficiently compare companies, the report divided the rankings into three categories, based on number of employees: companies with more than 3,000 employees; companies with 500 to 3,000 employees; and companies with less than 500 employees. Gtech Mexico's 9th place ranking in the "under 500 employees" category puts them in the company of prestigious corporations such as Dow, Microsoft, and Nokia.

The 2011 "Super Empresas" ranking focused on companies with the best human resources practices in Mexico. The four specific areas identified for evaluation were diversity (enriching the Company with a balanced population, including minorities), communication (improving messages and inserting values), leadership (based on values and not only on high commands), and coherency (encouraging team work, keeping talent, and inclusiveness).

"Gtech Mexico's top 10 ranking clearly shows the effort, dedication, and commitment of the entire team, and proves that it is a company that lives and believes in its values," said Fernando Carrillo, Gtech Country Manager.

"We know which characteristics our leaders must have in all areas of the business, and our leadership programs help us to align our values and behaviors with our strategic initiatives and communicate them to the entire organization. This congruence between words and actions is exposed daily in all aspects of the site's work. Gtech Mexico is a clear model that the healthy coexistence between all levels of employees has led the company further than many other existing Human Resources models," he concluded.

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