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September 17, 2021

"Big concern"

Sewage overflows reported at Saipan Imperial Pacific casino

Sewage overflows reported at Saipan Imperial Pacific casino
This is not the first time sewage issues are reported at the Imperial Pacific location with senators expressing concern if it's confirmed that the leak is indeed wastewater.
United States | 09/26/2017

Saipan legislators addressed the issue of alleged sewage overflows inside the Imperial Pacific Casino (IPI) in Garapan during a meeting of the Commonwealth Casino Commission.


enator Arnold Palacios expressed concern calling on the casino operator to resolve the problem immediately in order to protect public health. “Something like this shouldn´t have happened”, the official said.

In an interview to the Saipan Tribune, CCC executive director Edward Deleon Guerrero said the matter has been “taken cared of” by Imperial Pacific International (CNMI) LLC, which runs the Imperial Pacific Resort.

However, this was not the first time Imperial Pacific had sewage problems, the Saipan Tribune reported.

Leaks have been plaguing the facility, some of which have a rancid stench and unpleasant color, the Saipan Tribune reported citing a casino employee who demanded anonymity:

“The smell was really bad,” the employee said, referring to a liquid-like substance on the floor of the men’s locker room. He/she described the liquid as “brownish” and believes it to be human waste due to its appearance and smell. The area’s floor is made up of white tiles, which made the color of the liquid even more noticeable. There are leaks in the VIP room area as well, the employee said, although not to the degree of that in the men’s underground locker rooms in terms of odor and appearance. “Maintenance personnel need to use a vacuum and a blower just to clean it up,” said the employee, adding that it is suspected the liquid runs down the walls onto the floor.
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