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October 20, 2021

Lucio Figueroa, General Manager of Casino Solutions

“Our aim in G2E Asia is to sign alliances of imports and exports in China”

(Macau, exclusive Lucio Figueroa, General Manager of Casino Solutions, confirmed that he will travel to Macau with the aim of G2E Asia event. The executive commented that it will exhibit together with Matsui and Shufle Master, its represented companies. Besides, he will seek to contact other companies willing to sign alliances in order to assemble and manufacture in the country.


hy are you going to assist to G2E Asia?
We will travel there in order to visit companies during the event, and we will go to their factories located in Mainland China. The aim is to close new alliances on imports and exports for those markets. There are companies willing to associate in order to assemble and manufacture in our country and distribute in America.

What products will each of the companies represented exhibit?
Matsui and Shufle Master will participate in G2E Asia as exhibitors. Both of them will exhibit all of their developments.

Which is the greatest innovation that will be seen this year at the event?
We do not know yet, but we are sure that there will be very innovative developments for our market.

How has the Asian market evolved during the last two years? What is its potential?
We see that this market evolved much stronger and faster than the rest of the world. That0s why we will assist to G2E Asia. We have scheduled visits to several casinos in order to check how as the region evolved.

Which are the most important Asian markets for each of your represented companies?
We believe Macau is very interesting.

Which are your main goals for this 2012 edition?
To establish alliances with other companies so they can enter to our market. We also aim to discover inputs and games that are still not known here. It would be the best achievement.

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