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June 24, 2021

Giselle Brea, Executive Assistance of the Panamanian Gambling Control Committee

“The number of licenses to be granted for Televised Bingo is not defined yet”

(Panama, exclusive Through the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Gambling Control Committee, Panamanian government laid the legal foundations for the start and operation of Bingo TV. Giselle Brea, Executive Assistance of the Committee, explained the details of this game of chance.


hat will Bingo TV or Televised Bingo consist of?
It consists of a new type of games of chance in which the participant acquires a cartoon and the result is broadcast in a local channel, where the Televised Bingo is held. Balls are extracted from a box and  sponsors, so the number of jackpots to give away will depend on the sales and the number of winners in each awarded category. If there is not a winner, the jackpot is accumulated for the following draw.

What is the new regulation for this activity like?
The ruling has been dictated under the same guidelines demanded by that entity for the signature of a contract with the state. It means that it includes internal, accounting procedures, supervisions and infractions. 

In what situation will the non-profit organizations stay?
Non-profit associations, or foundations, do not manage bingos, in such case, those may demand authorization before this entity to perform any activity related to temporary televised bingos, as long as such activity is maintained within the regulations of resolution 059 of July 26, 1999, which approves the celebration of raffles, charity raffles and commercial promotions.

Who has shown their interest in this gaming modality?
There is not any concrete petition that has complied with all the regulations for it to be evaluated for a contract with the State.
How many licenses will be granted?
The number of licenses that will be granted is not defined yet.
Which are the main points of the contract that the chosen companies will have to subscribe?
Everyone interested in a contract with the state for the operation of this type of activity will have to comply with each of the requirements demanded in such regulation  (Resolution 41, July 30, 2010). Each of the points are key for the approval.   

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