Martin Collins, CBDO at Soft2Bet

"Gamification, what we call Motivational Engineering, is more than a buzzword at Soft2Bet"

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In anticipation of the upcoming SiGMA Europe in Malta, Soft2Bet is gearing up to showcase its offerings at the event, promising an array of exciting features on display. Among these, gamification is set to take center stage, a feature that plays a pivotal role in enhancing player loyalty and engagement.

Ahead of the meeting, taking place November 14 - 16, Yogonet held an exclusive interview with Martin Collins, CBDO at Soft2Bet, to know more about what the company will highlight this time around and what is new in its portfolio.

Can you share some insights into the key highlights or offerings that Soft2Bet plans to showcase at SiGMA Malta? Are there any exciting product launches or updates you can reveal?

Soft2Bet will highlight its iGaming offering at the upcoming SiGMA Malta event and central to our display will be gamification, a key aspect of our entire offering that plays a significant role in driving loyalty and engagement levels. We have produced numerous solutions in this realm, including our Bonus Crab, City Builder and Stadium Builder among others, all aimed at creating a more immersive experience that continually entices the customer to return, thereby enhancing engagement and ROI.

Transitioning to the significance of casino and payment integrations, these third-party integrations are fundamental to any iGaming and sportsbook operation aspiring to succeed across borders. A compelling user experience necessitates localization in both these areas, without which, staying competitive will be challenging. At Soft2Bet, this understanding is ingrained in our operations, and we continually analyze every market to ensure our content and payment solutions resonate with what the customers expect, further driving engagement and ROI.

Moreover, with the aid of these tools that enhance engagement and customer loyalty, we have an extensive array of data points to profile customers and deliver an experience that is tailor-made for them. For instance, insights into a customer's favorite slot or team to bet on allow us to craft an experience that is highly personalized and unique to that customer, making them feel more connected to the brand. Every initiative we undertake is with a vision to enrich the customer experience, and we are eager to present these offerings at SiGMA Malta.

SiGMA serves as a platform for networking and forming partnerships. How does Soft2Bet envision building and strengthening relationships within the industry during the event?

Soft2bet has been a major partner of SiGMA for many years now and that has certainly helped with our growth. The ability to showcase our products to the right audience is a very important aspect of our sales process. This year is no different and we have committed to the show by having people from our different offices at the stand, where they will be ready to speak to customers and partners alike. The show acts as a great catalyst to strengthen existing relationships, whilst also forging new partnerships based on mutual growth

Attendees at SiGMA Malta are interested in market trends and future projections. What insights or predictions can Soft2Bet offer regarding the iGaming industry's trajectory? What can you tell us about the panels in which Soft2Bet will participate?

The iGaming industry is a dynamic and fast-paced environment awash with opportunity. The key is to ensure that you back the right options and maximize at every given moment and on 15 November, our CEO Uri Poliavich will give the keynote on our Motivational Engineering gamification solution. 

Regulatory expansion is another key strategic lever we are pulling and that will continue into 2024. We want to continue to expand our footprint and be able to offer an unparalleled solution to the market and David Yatom Hay, our General Counsel, will be discussing European regulation in the opening panel of the conference on 14 November.   

Can you explain in more detail how Soft2Bet's gamification technology enhances the player experience, and could you provide specific examples of its implementation?

We’ve said it many times, but gamification, what we call Motivational Engineering, is more than a buzzword at Soft2Bet. Our City Builder, Betinia Stadiums (see graphic below) and Bonus Crab features are our most well-known gamification products and that is because they deliver results for us and, most importantly, for the operators on our partner network. 

Providing compelling and personalized content drives engagement, volumes and revenues. 

The following metrics confirm this:

  • GGR: Our gamification features have led to a 65% increase in average GGR compared to non-gamified brands, with 60% of players participating. 
  • Engagement: On one of our gamified brands, players who engage with our Motivational Engineering features gamification are nearly 50% more inclined to deposit larger sums, and their frequency of deposits is over 30% higher. 

Furthermore, nearly 50% of the player base engages with our gamification features, with their turnover surging by more than 70% and GGR increasing by over 60% compared to non-participants. 

  • ARPU: Operators that offer the features have recorded rises of more than 70% in their average revenue per user (ARPU) numbers. These numbers confirm the great gamification potential of our products in the iGaming industry. 
  • Strong UX: Our focus on providing a strong user experience manifests itself through strong design and providing an interface that is easy to use and ensures players can have an amazing experience when it comes to navigation, site speed, and convenience. 
  • Process improvements: Soft2Bet is always looking at how it can make improvements to its product delivery processes and payment solutions, all the while carrying out daily and weekly security audits and risk assessments to ensure our platforms are safe and secure for our customers.  

Soft2Bet has a wide range of casino integrations. How do they enhance the gaming experience for users? How does Soft2Bet's array of payment integrations contribute to a seamless and user-friendly payment experience for players on your platform?

Both Games and Payments are key to localization. What resonates in one region may be entirely different in another. Therefore, we work across the globe with major games providers, ensuring our brands and customers have the right content for local consumption.

Ensuring we have this acts as another element of personalization and an experience the customer expects. In terms of payments, the providers again contribute locally to the experience of the customer and without the required providers you simply cannot operate. You could drive the best traffic but without the right payment options you will fail. So both are key to success.

In what ways does Soft2Bet ensure that the iGaming experience is tailored to individual player preferences?

Data is the key component to delivering personalized experiences for customers. Armed with data, you can build profiles and segments that empower you to deliver a more personalized approach to your customers. For example, if you have sports betting customers and there are specific sports or teams they like to gamble on, you can tailor your offers to their interests and passions. 

SiGMA is set to attract major stakeholders from the European industry. Could you elaborate on the company’s current expansion strategy, considering licenses obtained as of late in markets including Greece, Romania and Italy?

The regulated footprint is a key strategic action point for us at Soft2bet. We understand the landscape is changing and if you are going to remain competitive you have to be able to offer regulated markets to potential customers. As a consequence, this will continue into 2024. We are constantly analyzing potential expansion jurisdictions, marrying them up with potential partners, as well as B2C potential. When we see the sweet spot in the numbers, we commit and move forward. 

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