Exclusive interview with Matt Stephenson, Managing Director, Betgenius

Betgenius to showcase sportsbook platform for the first time at G2E Las Vegas 2017

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Betgenius, the regulated sports betting division of Genius Sports Group, has been a trusted supplier of outsourced trading and digital marketing services to regulated sportsbook operators for over a decade. At this year’s G2E, the company will provide operators with the best and most innovative tools to create “the most powerful sportsbook solution on the market”.

How do you gear up for the 2017 Global Gaming Expo? What new innovations can we expect to see at the show?

Like every major show that we participate in, it has been off the back of months of planning from our teams based in London and around the world. In terms of what Betgenius will be showcasing, we are excited to be bringing our proven and innovative sports betting products to G2E for the first time. In recent years we have expanded into new areas. To give just two examples, visitors to our stand can hear about our cutting-edge sportsbook platform – designed to be the most flexible and innovative on the market – as well as get a demo of our unrivalled esports betting product.

What are your key areas of focus to ensure business growth in the Americas?

We are keeping a very close eye on emerging markets in the region. Colombia has attracted significant attention by taking a huge step forward with the legalization of online sports betting and has recently granted its first online operator licenses. President Juan Perez Hidalgo and his team at Coljuegos have lead the way by tackling the illegal market head-on, blocking off shore operators targeting his country as they help to root out corruption at every level.

Now other governments across the region, including Peru and Brazil, are experiencing gaps in their tax revenues, they too are begining to see the legalization of gambling as a huge windfall for their Treasuries.

Given increased liberalization and the growing trend in regulation in the region, Genius Sports Group has experienced increased demand for its products and services across all the divisions, playing a major role in educating stakeholders in how technology can be deployed to protect sports against the threats of match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

Sports betting legalization was one of the hot topics during the 2016 event. What do you reckon will be this year’s trends?

Sports betting legalization will continue to be the hot topic at this year's G2E as the US-based casinos and other global operators, gear up for the SCOTUS ruling on PASPA which is expected by June 2018. Given the potential expansion of sports betting in the US, the casinos are having to rethink their business strategies and expansion plans or risk getting left behind in the expected gold rush. Traditionally the Nevada and New Jersey-based casinos have lagged behind the UK, EU and other regulated markets with online and mobile expertise. This is partly due to the fact that in-game action has been a huge driver in technical innovation elsewhere and some casinos are having to play catch up with these foreign competitors. In fact, many of the casinos have already partnered with sports betting technology and data companies to help them adapt to this new wave of regulation and enhance their business offering. As a global leader in sports betting technology, Genius Sports Group is well placed to capitalize on this exciting new business opportunity.

In the United States, the regulatory landscape is less straightforward than in Europe. How do you see the market evolving across the different states under the Trump administration?

This largely depends on what happens in the next six to nine months with the SCOTUS ruling on PASPA. If the federal statute is struck down we could see sports betting legalized on a state-by-state basis, similar to the pattern we have seen with Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). This presents opportunities and challenges for the sports betting industry as the states that embrace sports betting regulation will need to equip themselves with the technology and expertise to protect the integrity of sports. What is probably more likely is that we will see the US Major Leagues come together to agree upon legislation that will provide a federal frameworkfor the introduction of sports betting on a state-by-state basis.

Why should attendees visit your G2E booth this year? How do your solutions stand out from the rest?

Not only do we offer everything an operator needs to run a successful and innovative sports betting business, but we also offer a greater level of flexibility and innovation than most other suppliers in the industry.

For the first time, Betgenius will be showcasing its game-changing sportsbook platform, which brings together best-in-class products and services to create the most powerful sportsbook solution on the market. By combining our world leading trading and digital marketing expertise, as well as, our platform is driven by data to create the most personalised betting experience in the sector.

Visitors to our stand can also get a demo of the sector’s leading automated odds compilation and sportsbook management services. We offer an unrivalled range of pre-match and in-play content, offering hundreds of thousands of events a year across every major sport, including end-to-end products for esports and horseracing betting.

For both sportsbook and iGaming operators, Betgenius runs a sector-specific agency helping brands acquire and retain customers. Deep knowledge of the industry and the ability to leverage the wider gaming ecosystem gives us a unique position to acquire the right players at the right price, and ensure maximum life-time value through effective engagement.