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June 24, 2021

Within EY!2012 Mexico

New legal frame and technologies, issues that attracted interest of Mexican market

(Mexico, exclusive More than 150 executives assisted to the opening day of the conference EY!2012 Encuentro Yogonet. The first session was “Regulation and combat of illegality in Mexico”, in charge of Oscar Paredes Arroyo Velasco (Palacio de los Números) and Miguel Ángel Ochoa Sánchez (AIEJA). Then, top-level executives of slots sector gathered to analyze the trends in the product development.


inutes after 9,30 a.m. Wednesday morning, Iturbide Hall in Banamex Exhibition Center was almost full, when more than 150 executives gathered to assist to the third series of conferences organized by Yogonet in Mexico.
The first speaker was Oscar Paredes (CEO of Palacio de los Números) and Miguel Ángel Ochoa Sánchez (AIEJA President), who offered an analysis of the current legal frame of the gaming activity in Mexico, and pointed the modifications and restructuring, in his view, necessary to boost the local market definitely and achieve the development of its whole potential.
Besides, they invited to the sector in general to join together with regard to the gaming activity in Mexico, and pointed that “a strong industry is a united industry, and today the Mexican gaming sector is seen as a weak one, due to the internal fights generated in its own heart. If we manage to get closer and work for the general interest, instead of just taking care of the particular interests of each company, we have the chance to put Mexico in the remarkable place it deserves in the Latin American gambling map”.
Slots and new technologies
Later on, the second talk was carried out, in which new technologies were treated, as well as their impact in the local market. To start, José Miguel Esteban, Marketing Manager of R. Franco, raised the issue consulting on the main technological trends that today mark the development of slots.
María José Gallardo, VP of R. Franco, opened the exhibitions pointing that “it is important that new technologies can be part of the offer of the Mexican market, and that the laws and regulations support this development, in order to bring the best offer to the public”.
“The companies have a great responsibility with regard to the future of gaming, both in Mexico and worldwide, and we must incorporate the new trends that technology offers within the gaming sector globally”, added the executive, who also stressed that “future technologies will evolve according to what the regulatory frames of each region allow. To sum up, we are willing to run the way that those that set and regulate the different markets at an international level allow us to do”.
“The interconnection and communication among machines is today one of the strongest market trends, and I believe that, in this way, we will be seeing newer and smarter products”, she concluded.
Besides, Sebastián Salat, President International de WMS Gaming, considered that today “there is a convergence of the three worlds: the one that supports traditional gaming, the one offered by Internet gaming and the world of social networks. We believe that the traditional gaming experience will soon trascent the own environment of the brick-and-mortar casino, and that the bettor will be able to play in other environments as long as legislations adequate to that model. So many of the new developments will be brought in the environment of remote gaming and social networks”.
“We think that, talking about the gaming machine itself, there has to be an improvement with regard to the enjoyment that can be experimented when betting. Better sound, better graphics and more comfort mark today the success of the new products that are being introduced in the market, and that will be presented in the following months. Incrementing the recreational component and the sensorial component, together with the importance of traditional game towards other environments such as remote gaming, will be two of the main central themes of future development”, added Salat.
On the other hand, Pablo Callieri, Commercial Director and Share Holder of Crown Gaming Novomatic and Global Gaming, added that “offering the best game is the aim of all the companies dedicated to the development of technologies nowadays. And the best game is the one I like the most, the most attractive, the winner on the varied gaming offer one can see when entering a casino. The final decision always belongs to the public, and, from our job, we seek to know better the wishes and preferences of the player, based on his different requirements, in order to develop games that respond to those demands”.
Jhonny Ortiz, President of Zitro, commented that, in his view, “today technology is the common denominator in the development, but the right and smart application of these technologies will mark and differentiate the products in the market”.
“SBG today is a trend and an important tool for the sector, but will also be operators who must know how to apply these new technologies, to bring the player more experience when betting.”

“Another issue analyzed by this panel of specialists was the skill games regarding the effect on games of chance exclusively. Is it necessary to educate players on this new trend?”, Asked the moderator.
Ortiz considered that in his company, Zitro, “the latest developments seek to target a younger public, closer to entertainment than exclusively gambling or betting. Presenting new levels of bonuses, new experiences and more player interaction when experimenting with a machine today is one of the keys of the development and the success of a product”.
For Salat, “myths are a key part of this industry. Touching the display, blowing the dices or any other behavior make the placer think he can have more chances to win, which are, definitely, who participate on the game more actively. It is also important in the development, and not just the skill that a player can have above the other. We lean on that sensation of participation, that illusion, to bring options to the player of choosing from different avatars which represent them in the game up to different bonuses; and this way, the bettor feels more comfortable, entertained, and feels he has the control, and that leads to a greater feeling of satisfaction when choosing a machine”.

“When incorporating new players, we do not think so much in the slot theme, but in the possibility of including this type of variables that make the player feel the owner of his luck”, he added.
Besides, Gallardo considered that “it is important that the player feels that, in his choises it exist the chance to win, but not necessarily due to the skill, because those who do not have the skill will not feel excluded from this model. Nowadays, youngsters are accustomed to partipate, and a good part of the future key in the development of products will continue the trend of increasing the participation and the entertainment of the player in the machine. We sell illusions, we sell entertainment, and it is key to have present all this when thinking in the product development”.
“In my view –added Callieri-, and despite being necessary to separate clearly the games of chance machines from skill machines, the industry will offer a mix between both worlds, every time closer each other, and games of chance will be mixed with skill games, to generate a different offer, more modern and closer to the tastes of the new bettors”.
To conclude, they asked if theme slots concluded a cycle or if they are still a trend. Does the age of the player have influence when making a development? For Salat, “a brand does not make machine good or bad, but facilitates the emotional connection between the customer and the machine. The licenses or popular brands no doubt collaborate in the preference, and that’s why they will keep on being a key part in the development of the new products. The role of the theme slot is in force from then, and many times, in the choice of that brand or license, they target a younger or older public”.

“I believe the thematic issue does not conclude a life cycle –commented Callieri-; on the contrary; and it is due to the fact that there is a psychological mechanism in the player, which produces an identification and more connection with the things he knows. Thematic machines will always be a development node, and the election of the brand in which each development will be supported will vary in time, as well as the bettor feels reflected by one or another brand, theme and license”.

“It is important to seek for new brands or themes when developing, to keep on attracting the public, always with something new, but that also identifies him”, added Ortíz. “It is in us, the manufacturers, the power to identify those brands that have more potential and find the way to place a good brand in a good game”.
“Evidently, what we learn is forgotten, but what we feel, isn’t. When offering a product, it is chosen what made the player feel better; we have part of the way solved so the bettor chooses us”.  

Yesterday it was held the last of the planned sessions, called “Current situation of the Mexican market”, in charge of Oscar Paredes (Palacio de los Números), Isaac Dehesa (Big Bola Casinos), Cynthia Fragoso Fesh (Cadillac Jack) and doctor Miguel Ángel Ochoa Sánchez (AIEJA).

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