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June 22, 2021

It will be demonstrated at ICE

Quixant launches gaming platform based on new AMD “Fusion” technology

(UK).- Quixant announces the availability of its next generation QXi-200 gaming controller, the first such controller to utilise AMD’s new Fusion “APU” technology launched at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The firm will be demonstrating this product at ICE in London.


niquely, AMD’s G-Series APU processors integrate onto a single chip both a new high performance 64-bit processor core and a cutting edge graphics controller in the form of a Radeon HD6310 GPU. The QXi-200 is available in both single core1.5GHz and dual core 1.6GHz variants.

The AMD Radeon HD6310 Graphics features support for the latest DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.0 and OpenCL standards, making it two generations ahead of most competing solutions. The UVD3 multimedia engine enables effortless playback of both SD and HD video feeds simultaneously with advanced graphics. The QXi-200 can accomplish this on two independent high resolution digital monitors.

“These features mean the QXi-200 is a real multimedia powerhouse. This level of features and performance at such a competitive price point has been unheard of until now”, said Gary Mullins, Sales Director of Quixant.

Another major benefit of the Fusion technology is its very low power consumption. Combined with Quixant’s patented case design this means the QXi-200 is a totally fan-less system. Chip fans are a major reliability problem in gaming machines and are noisy, so eliminating their use is a key feature of the QXi-200. The QXi-200 is also able to operate from a single 12V supply, eliminating the extra expense and reliability issues of an ATX PSU.

“The new advanced Bobcat CPU cores and the cutting edge Radeon HD6310 GPU present in AMD’s Embedded G-Series processors brings previously unheard of functionality and performance at this price point”, stated Nick Jarmany, Managing Director of Quixant. “AMD has managed to come up with a platform that provides the ideal solution for high volume, mainstream gaming applications. Quixant has taken that base and delivered it in an optimised product for gaming and released it just one week after the technology became available to the consumer market. That is a first for gaming”, he added.

“We fully support Quixant in their selection of AMD G-Series APUs for their next generation gaming platforms”, said Richard Jaenicke, Director of Embedded Client Business at AMD. “The combination of lower-power CPU cores and a discrete-level GPU core in the APU provides the high-resolution 3D graphics and media-rich experience needed for the latest gaming titles. Quixant’s innovative system design maximizes those strengths of the AMD G-Series APUs”, he added.

Although the QXi-200 is a new product and a major step up in performance, the gaming architecture of the QXi-200 is the same as on the field proven and extremely reliable QXi-100. Hence customers using the QXi-100 can easily migrate and take advantage of the extra features and performance the QXi-200 provides to take their games to the next level. Pricing is expected to be similar to the QXi-100, which remains in full production.

Superior performance, lower power consumption, increased reliability and low cost mean the QXi-200 is set to be the platform of choice for many gaming companies. The QXi-200 can be ordered from the 24th January 2011 and is available on a 5+2 year basis. Quixant will be demonstrating the QXi-200 at the International Casino Expo in London, January 25th-27th, stand 4140.

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