International edition
September 28, 2020

To bring full system and product interoperability to casinos

WMS and Konami signed an agreement for integration of key networked gaming solutions

(US).- WMS Gaming, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, and Konami Gaming, a subsidiary of Konami Corporation, announced an agreement that will deliver integrated networked gaming capabilities that will create new value for casino operators and new entertainment experiences for slot players.


his joint initiative highlights WMS' and Konami's ongoing commitment to support full product and system interoperability in the gaming industry, and is believed to be the industry's most expansive and cooperative plan to foster open and interoperable networked gaming solutions.

By integrating Konami products and systems with WMS' WAGE-NET networked gaming system, Konami and WMS will provide casino operators with the ability to utilize all of the features, functionalities and robustness of networked gaming applications. As part of the integration initiative, WMS' WAGE-NET system will support the full array of remote configuration and download functionality on both WMS and KONAMI gaming machines through a single system and user interface.

Importantly, by utilizing WMS' FreedomPort Player User Interface windowing platform, both firms will allow each other access to deploy gaming and non-gaming applications across their respective gaming machines. These FreedomPort enabled products include WMS' Portal application suite and Konami's Player Tracking and Advanced Incentives applications. The full range of integrated solutions will operate on both Konami's gaming machines and Konami Casino Management System, and will be co-branded with WMS' WAGE-NET networked gaming system.

Orrin J. Edidin, President of WMS, commented, "Across the technology industry landscape, it is widely acknowledged that open standards promote the rapid development of advanced solutions that benefit businesses and their customers. Given the accelerating adoption cycle of networked gaming technologies, Konami and WMS are at the forefront of the casino slot floor's evolution with our new collaborative efforts to create a fully integrated solution that drives value for operators and offers new, differentiated entertainment experiences for slot players. WMS and Konami can provide best of breed products and applications that increase coin-in and drive differentiated entertainment experiences while delivering a range of efficiencies for our casino customers."

Steve Sutherland, Chief Operating Officer of Konami Gaming, commented, "This agreement provides our respective companies the ability to execute a shared vision of interoperable networked gaming and system solutions for our customers. We are pleased to be working with WMS to offer an integrated solution that will provide the casino operator with the technology to optimize his or her casino floor and also enhance the player gaming experience."

WMS' Edidin added, "We are delighted to be working with Konami on this expansive integration of our respective networked gaming solutions, and our alliance demonstrates each company's strong commitment to, and development of, a fully interoperable set of networked gaming solutions for our customers. Konami and WMS are strong advocates for the benefits that arise from an 'Open Standards' environment in the gaming industry and we invite all developers to join our efforts."

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