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The product was presented in SAGSE Buenos Aires last year

Matsui - 13.56 RFID Chips & System protects casinos and acquires information

(US).- The manufacter Matsui America presents its Matsui - 13.56 RFID Chips & System. It was showed at SAGSE Buenos Aires 2009 as one of its latest developments.
United States
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Matsui - 13.56 RFID Chips & System is the latest security systems using radio frequency identification system at 13.56mhz. It is now possible to recognize a large volume of chips simultaneously under stable cash desk conditions, this will surely become an innovative new approach to casino management.


These chips that weight 11g. An electronic magnetic labels were aplied to the advanced chip for preventing from robbery based on existing security enviroment. All the standard Matsui decal chips, plaques and jettons are now available with RFID.


It can protect casinos from counterfeit chips, whilst helping to acquire lots of information and confirmation about the chip trading, stock situations and the actual account of each table in real time.


Matsui - 13.56 RFID Chips & System  



-Capable of recognizing many units quickly and at the same time

-Long range recognition to prevent theft through the security gate

-Stable packaging structure and format safe from breakage


Overcame RF interference

-Provides the hardware system with the algorithm which minimized the RF interference

-Provide the method to control RF interference through software mechanism

Grid computing

-Even when the chip is forged physically, the logic mechanism can perfectly control the chips

-Perfectly prevents information loss when there is hardware or network system trouble

Flexible software system

-Modules suitable for each system are provided that they can be easily operated with the existing casino management system (CMS)

-The system is designed independently from RFID hardware

Expected effects

-Prevention of forgery of casino chips

-Prevention of theft

-Monitors various rule breaking activities in the casino

-Checks the stock

-Real time monitoring of casino chip trade status

-Real time settlement by each table

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