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September 28, 2021

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Positive presentation of Fournier in IGE 09

(UK).- Within the organization of IGE 09, talked in exclusive to Javier Berasategui, Exports Manager of Fournier, who made a balance of 2008 and commented the expectations of the firm for the new year.


hat novelties did Fournier exhibit in IGE 2009?

The cards manufactured by our company are well-known to be the most secure in the market. Our business strategy is to always offer products that increase the casino security. In this line we have developed a new shoe for Baccarat table games. This shoe was our great novelty in IGE 2009. “Fournier Security Baccarat Shoe” identifies the cards by an exclusive code and shows the gaming results. It increases considerably the security in Baccarat table games where the casino always has a high risk.

What can you comment on the participation of the company in IGE 2009?

The event was successful for us. Every year we see an increment on our sales because casinos prefer cards that are a 100% secure and durables. Visitors to the event have confirmed once more that this trend is maintained and we expect that this year the increment in sales continues. We are also very happy with the great response that our Security Baccarat Shoe has had.

In the beginning of a new season, What is your evaluation of 2008?

2008 was a very positive year for Fournier, with the growth in all regions of the world. We had a great growth in Latin America due to the new casinos that have been opened in the region and the new customers that have realized that it is better to pay a bit more but have more confidence.

What are your expectations for 2009?

It is evident that there are great uncertainties for 2009 because of the current worldwide crisis, however, we have positive expectations and we expect to keep on with our growth in sales.

With a strong international presence, Is there any market in which Fournier is specially interested in the medium term?

As all the companies in the gaming sector, we consider that it exists a great growth potential in Asia. However, Europe and Latin America will continue being our priority regions in the medium term.

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