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Among other activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary

Brazil: Copag celebrates its centennial with a big party in Manaus

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The event was the peak of a schedule which included various activities to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary, with 500 guests including Copag associates, suppliers and their families, customers and representatives of the Cartamundi Group.

Since its foundation in 1908 and with the entrepreneurial vision of Albino Gonçalves, Copag has become the leader in the Brazilian playing card market and one of the leading companies in this segment worldwide, with investments in production technology, marketing, product development and promoting quality of life among its associates.

The city of Manaus was chosen to host the party because it is the city where the cutting-edge Copag plant is located. One of the features in the party was the presentation of the Boi Garantido, conducted by the singer David Assayag. This is one of the most typical cultural expressions of the Amazon region, which includes music, dancing and lots of energy.

The event was hosted by Ricardo Gonçalves Filho, the Copag CEO and a member of the 4th generation of the founder’s family. At the party, the company paid homage to Copag’s oldest customers, who were bestowed with a commemorative plate. Representatives of the Belgian Group Cartamundi, including its CEO Chris van Dooslaer, were also guests at the party.

At the same time the Group held its first sales convention in Brazil. In 1995 Copag became part of the Cartamundi Group, the largest producer of playing cards worldwide. Thanks to its associates and customers, to its partnerships and innovation capacity, Copag is now internationally recognized and exports its products to the United States and to a number of countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

A book to commemorate Copag’s centennial

As a result of a thorough research by writer Ignácio de Loyola Brandão, Copag launched the book “Copag 100 anos no Brasil: sempre dando as cartas, in two languages. With an agile, easy to read text, the book focuses on the success story and the capacity for revitalization of the company founded by Albino Gonçalves, in the city of Sao Paulo in 1908, and managed by family generations for decades.

Ignácio de Loyola Brandão unveiled the Brazilian culture that is presented in an engaging manner in the book, including the legend of playing cards which appeared on the 2nd Century and other stories involving faith, nobility, and esotericism, which make the book a page-turner.

With the social chronicle depicted in the book, readers will get acquainted with the hundred year old history of a company that won the difficult game of the business arena and which went beyond boundaries.

With its 164 pages, hard cover, color and black and white photos, the book “Copag 100 anos no Brasil: sempre dando as cartas” is published by DBA Editora. The book will be distributed among customers, partners, universities, opinion leaders and other stakeholders, both in Brazil and abroad.

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