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September 25, 2021

BJX is a new method of playing blackjack at the poker table

BlackJack Extreme licensing now available through Swiss Gaming Corporation

(Switzerland).- BJX Entertainment (BJX) and SGC officials announced that the company has selected Swiss Gaming Corporation (SGC) to help bring their revolutionary new game, BlackJack eXtreme, into the global Gaming Industry.


nvented for television, BJX is a new method of playing blackjack at the poker table. It is a player vs. player game and the casino takes no risk. Several key features of the new game include allowing the player/dealer to choose which card the table sees, allowing players to raise their original bets up to all-in and then receive as many cards as needed to improve the hand, and the player/dealer is allowed to surrender to the table.

“We are delighted to work with BJX to bring this innovative product into the Gaming Industry,” said René Lindsen, CEO of Swiss Gaming Corporation. “Like hold'em, this totally new game seems deceptively simple until you actually play the game - then you see that each hand is a unique situation. The explosive growth of poker indicates that social or community gaming attracts new players and offers a fresh attraction which brings regular visitors back more frequently.”

“The broad scope of Swiss Gaming Corporation's operations make them ideal to represent us in multiple markets,” said Mark Koetting, CEO of BJX, “BlackJack eXtreme can be played on any poker table, Internet or electronic platform which currently offers Texas hold'em. Our goal is to increase profitability for gaming companies by increasing the productivity of their current investment.”

“René Lindsen has more than 20 years of experience in the international leisure and gaming industry, through the ranks over the years from a dealer to general manager. He opened and ran several Switzerland casinos. His reputation, relationships and expertise will be a valued addition to our global team.”

Lindsen will also represent the television production licensing in addition to the casino and online licensing. BlackJack eXtreme uses hole cards to increase the challenge and enables card counting by using two decks and showing every card dealt at the end of each hand. TV audiences will be shown the hole cards and a running count will be displayed onscreen.

“Bad beats and elegant strategy will keep viewers riveted to their screens,” states David Thomas, CCO of BJX, “and we will pit poker pros against card counting pros. We expect emotional fireworks at our TV tournaments. We're betting that like poker, once viewers discover the game, they will want to play it themselves.”

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