Rubén Solórzano and Joe López, organizers of PGS

"PGS 2024 highlighted a broad array of sectors, but the biggest interest was definitely in online gaming"

Rubén Solórzano and Joe López, organizers of PGS
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Rubén Solórzano and Joe López, authorities of Affiliated Marketing Group, were satisfied with the attendance at the 21st edition of the Peru Gaming Show (PGS 2024), which concluded on June 13 and welcomed, according to preliminary figures, more than 8,000 visitors in its two days.

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, the organizers of the event also highlighted the fact that visitors came from different parts of the world, which contributed to the good results of the exhibiting companies.

Furthermore, they expressed their appreciation that high officials of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), such as Vice-minister Madeleine Burns and the General Director of Casino Games and Slot Machines, Yuri Guerra, actively participated in the event, thus demonstrating the good relationship of the gaming sector with the authorities that supervise it.

At the end of the 21st edition of PGS, what is your balance of the event?

Joe Lopez: We have had a tremendous increase compared to last year and in 2023 there was an improvement over the previous year. The growth we have had has been explosive, we are very happy with the results. All the exhibitors are happy and that makes us very happy as well.

Rubén Solórzano: Compared to last year, apart from the explosive growth in terms of the number of visitors and exhibitors, there have been great novelties that have been presented at this tradeshow. Peru Gaming Show has attracted gaming players from other countries. Many foreigners arrived and were surprised about how PGS is presented and that is a joy for us. The arrival of players from other parts of the world contributed to the exhibitors' very good results.

In terms of numbers, how many visitors and exhibitors were there this year?

Rubén Solórzano: According to preliminary figures, we should exceed 8,000 visitors and, in terms of companies, we are at a little over 80, including exhibitors and sponsors. We still do not have the exact information, but attendees came from Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

This is the end of an event that focused on the online sector, due to the new regulation of this industry. Is this decision a starting point for a new approach to the tradeshow in the future?

Joe Lopez: What we always try to do is to bring and present what the market demands. Since gambling and online sports betting are the latest things to be approved here, it is obviously what attracts the most attention in the market. That is why we focus almost all the conferences on it and on explaining the regulations. However, many people here come from the land-based casino sector, with machines and tables. There is a combination of sectors, but the biggest interest this year was online.

Rubén Solórzano: Adding to what Joe said, the law of the online sector and its regulation contribute to the fact that there are many brands and many companies interested in the market. I agree with some comments in the media that highlight Peru as a market with greater potential and size than Brazil since, according to experts, Peru is a mature market as it was the first one to regulate land-based games. Today, as remote gaming is also regulated, it generates a lot of interest from all those who are looking for new opportunities and to expand their markets.

While there is expected to be significant growth in the online offering in Peru, there is continued interest from PGS visitors in the land-based sector. How will this influence the development of the next edition of the event?

Rubén Solórzano: That's a very interesting question. Earlier I was saying that Peru was the first country to regulate land-based gaming, so, there is a mature market and players who are very identified with physical gaming. It is not something that is going to disappear in the world much less in Peru. Physical gaming, being in a slot machine hall or a casino, has its special characteristics, socialization, finding friends, or new games. All this contributes to the fact that the connection between land-based and online gaming is not a competition, but a complement. From this point of view, we think that next year we should have land-based gaming brands and online brands will be added in greater numbers.

Joe Lopez: I think the best way to look at it is that we have different generations as users of the game. One generation is the young people, the people from 35 and below, for whom everything revolves around laptops and their phones. Then there is an older generation that doesn't use those devices much and doesn't imagine sitting at home with their cell phones as a possibility. For them it is more important the social part, going out and going to a casino and being with people and listening to music. That is not going to change, it will always be there and the issue now is to find a balance. Today online is very attractive and everyone is looking for it, but when the situation starts to calm down, I think there will be a balance between both markets.

PGS 2024 ribbon cutting

The regulator Yuri Guerra participated in the two academic days of PGS and the Vice-Minister of Tourism, Madeleine Burns, gave the inaugural speech. How do you value the participation of Mincetur in the event?

Rubén Solórzano: The fact that they are participating in PGS is a reflection, first, that they are working and that they trust the sector. Coming to an event like PGS is a support not to the event itself, but to the industry and the market perceives that. I have had meetings with the vice minister and with the general director of Slot Games and what I have noticed is a very clear identification regarding the sector. The vice-minister said in a meeting that they were like an island concerning other sectors because gaming is formalized and legalized, and that they are working so that it becomes more consolidated.  

As for the general director of Gaming, Yuri Guerra, we are very happy because he has taken up again what engineer Manuel San Román used to apply, an open-door policy. This is a very important sign for the industry in Peru. There is a lot of hope that our sector will move forward in the best way.

What novelties are planned for the 2025 edition?

Joe Lopez: We don't have the exact date yet, but we are sure it will be during the second half of June, which is when we have been doing the other shows for years. Let's see how the weather behaves with us.

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