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Brazil: Minas Gerais Lottery approves first Intralot-operated online VLTs

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Intralot do Brasil, the operator of the State of Minas Gerais Lottery, announced it has received authorization to operate interactive Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) in partnership with AGS. There will be a 120-day-period pilot, and the games Don Raspaleone, Kenodilo, Loteria do Destino e Mega Prêmios will be initially made available. 

The new VLTs will see the commercialization of Prognostic Lottery, Passive Prognostic Lottery and Instant Lottery, at points of sale defined by the operator. The terminals and the games were developed by AGS do Brasil in partnership with Intralot for two years, exclusively for the Brazilian market and following the rules and regulations of the games currently authorized by the Ministry of Economy and operated by Caixa Econômica Federal, being approved by Loteria Mineira. 

In the game Loteria do Destino, the consumer can purchase traditional lottery tickets, pre-numbered, by fraction of the whole ticket: each ticket and its respective extraction is numbered and recorded. In Mega Prized and Kenodilo, the consumer will be able to purchase lottery tickets with numbers they choose; and Don Raspaleano features a numbered “Virtual Scratch Card.”

Before their final approval, they underwent certification by BMM Testlabs in Las Vegas. The ticketing process takes place by an RNG installed on two servers for redundancy and according to LEMG's technical specifications. The system includes the registration of the individual consumer, their respective Tax Number ID, and issues Federal WIthholding Income Tax receipts levied on lottery prizes.

The Lotto Ikon terminals are "100% manufactured in Brazilian territory," an AGS press release explains. They feature a cashless structure linked to a central online system allowing for all economic activity from games, points of sale and consumers to be monitored in real-time.  

Both bets and payment of prizes will be made through digital credits. The customer will not be able to load more than R$400 in credits. And after the stipulated pilot period, Intralot is set to send the updated versions of the game plans to Loteria Mineira, accompanied by the test lab certificate chosen by Intralot itself.

The pilot may be extended, at the discretion of LEMG, upon request from the concessionaire, which at the end of the period must deliver to the Lottery of Minas Gerais the report with the evaluation of the period, scoring performances, adjustments, receptivity of the player and marketing actions that will be adopted in the final implementation.

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