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FBM Foundation donates $11K+ to NGOs providing medical assistance in Ukraine

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FBM Foundation -global gaming brand FBM's foundation- has made a new donation to Associação Estou Contigo! and contributed directly to the construction of a new campaign hospital in Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion war. The contribution of around 11.000 euros ($11,473), delivered to Associação Estou Contigo!, allowed to help the PCI – Paramédicos de Catástrofe Internacional mission “Humanitarian Medical Emergency – Ukraine."

After initial conversations with Porto-based non-profit Associação Estou Contigo!, FBM Foundation saw the possibility of making a positive impact and helping people by buying medical equipment essential to reinforce medical assistance in the European country.

This donation will contribute to the mission “Humanitarian Medical Emergency – Ukraine" that non-governmental organization PCI operates in the Ukrainian region. This mission aims to create medical emergency systems that can answer the local needs by ensuring essential health care, stabilization of wounded people, and reinforcement of the human resources available to deliver medical treatment in a conflict background. The partnership established between Associação Estou Contigo! and PCI focus specifically on the acquisition of medical equipment and materials.

For Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM, this was a great synergy that fulfills the FBM Foundation's purpose. "We created FBM Foundation to have a positive influence on societies and contribute to a more favorable environment globally. This chance to help construct a new campaign hospital fits perfectly with what we intend to do as a foundation: help human beings in emergency situations by providing essential care. We are delighted to materialize this project with Associação Estou Contigo! and PCI, allowing the Ukrainian people to have new alternatives for medical treatment."

Mariana Couto, President at Associação Estou Contigo!, said: "This synergy with FBM Foundation resulted in an important contribution to making this Humanitarian Medical Emergency mission possible. This amount allowed us to acquire expensive equipment, reducing the financial efforts to start the mission on the field. The donation is also important for us, as an NGO, since it gives us more reliability to unlock future actions that will help fund this humanitarian mission in Ukraine."

The FBM Foundation was born through specific humanitarian actions coordinated by the FBM brand to help the Filipino communities affected by natural disasters. The foundation aims to encourage traditional or professional education and boost socioeconomic changes that produce positive effects in the long-term future. It is now extending its actions to Ukraine in a context of exception due to the active conflict in this European country.

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