Booth #262, April 19-22

Acres to showcase all-new Precision Bonusing platform with three unique bonuses at NIGA

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Casino loyalty and technology developer Acres Manufacturing Company is set to present its Precision Bonusing platform at the Indian Gaming Trade Show & Convention (NIGA), to be held April 19-22, 2022, in Anaheim, California.

The product, which was first unveiled earlier this month, is described by the company as a revolutionary and game-changing platform. At the event, attendees approaching Booth #262 will find Acres showcasing three unique bonuses made possible by Precision Bonusing, each custom-themed for the show’s location in Orange County.

The bonusing system provides casino operators the ability to offer players a personalized experience, and all of its bonus applications can be quickly reskinned to match a casino’s branding, Acres Manufacturing Company explains.

The demonstration of the platform will be headlined by Orange Blast, a first-of-its-kind mobile app that combines the features of a cashless wallet with bonusing and loyalty functionality. The Orange Blast bonus app is now available for download in the App Store and on Google Play.

"Orange Blast is a casino player app that encompasses the full spectrum of the player's gaming entertainment experience," said Noah Acres of Acres Manufacturing. "The unique Orange Blast app creates a new way for casinos to drive player acquisition while also increasing visitation by providing players a gamified mobile app that responds to real-time gameplay.”

During casino play, the app manages the player experience by first funding the game and then by generating personalized messages, bonuses and loyalty rewards derived from real-time gaming data. Precision Bonusing technology can be seamlessly integrated with sports betting and iGaming apps, allowing for a complete 360-degree view of the patron across all platforms.

For those who visit the Acres booth at NIGA and download Orange Blast, the app will award players virtual oranges “that can be sliced open to reveal a prize,” the company explains. Within the Orange Blast app, Players will find a mobile wallet with a number of value categories, including cash, free play and points. 

Orange Blast also includes a special wallet balance for the Marker Trax automated casino marker solution: players can use the app to transfer cash, free play or Marker Trax credit to the slot machine or table game of their choice. The app also includes a function for players to convert points to free play or other rewards.

"Casino technology has stagnated over the past 20 years while the player base has continued to age,” added Noah Acres. “We developed Precision Bonusing and the Orange Blast app with the goal of providing casino operators with flexible and intuitive technology solutions that can help them address the growing use of mobile technology among U.S. consumers, as the average adult is spending over four hours per day on their smartphone.”

On-game bonuses will also be on display at NIGA. Juicy Jackpots is a multi-level mystery progressive with four static or progressive prize levels; while Orange Spin is a prize wheel featuring a configurable number of segments. All prize values and hit frequencies can be modified to suit a casino’s needs, says the business.

“As our predecessor companies have done for decades, our newest products will be important tools for casino operators in their efforts to grow their player base and revenues," concluded Noah Acres.