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AstroPay: "Our focus at ICE will be on further building and nurturing relationships with operators"

AstroPay CEO, Mikael Lijtenstein.
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AstroPay CEO Mikael Lijtenstein announced Monday that the brand will be present at next week's ICE London to showcase its expertise in delivering payment solutions to users and merchants in the iGaming and eSports industry across mutliple countries.

The CEO of the company, which has recently expanded into Europe (UK, Spain and Portugal), spoke with organizers Clarion Gaming about the event and described it as "the industry's most high-profile event", as it sets the agenda for the year ahead and provides delegates with a platform to discuss trends and key themes. 

"Our main objective from being a part of ICE is to meet a wide range of players in the industry and make the most of this excellent opportunity to gather and interact with existing and potential customers and partners. Our focus will be on further building and nurturing relationships with operators". 

AstroPay will be showcasing its products at stand N7-342, and in particular its digital wallet solution OneTouch. "We will also highlight our dedication to understanding users' needs and how we continue to innovate and work on new developments as evidenced by the recent launch of our cryptocurrency offering". 

"As always, we expect the wider conversations at ICE Expo to be focused on how the industry can navigate challenges and make the most of opportunities in the current environment, and what lies ahead. This includes various themes from the latest trends in technological innovation and initiatives to further improve the user experience through to upcoming regulatory changes and continued focus on firms' social responsibility. There's no doubt that the most important aspects of attending ICE are the excellent networking platform it offers aligned to the opportunity it provides to see the latest trends which are defining the industry's future".

"The pandemic brought all large-scale gatherings to a screeching halt, and as a consequence, we have missed interacting with the wider industry. Even though technology has played a fundamental role in keeping us connected over the last two years, we have all realised that it can't be a substitute for meeting people face-to-face. As a business, we are excited about the return of in-person events and as part of AstroPay's growth plans we try to attend as many industry events as possible to reach operators and merchants from different markets. However, ICE is definitely the biggest event for the industry, attended by thousands of people, and plays a key role in our business", he concluded. 

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