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Slotegrator analyzes resources for iGaming operators to optimize retention efforts

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iGaming aggregator Slotegrator has analyzed how online casinos can turn a profit net of winning, and it has introduced CRM tools for operators to maximize the volume of their revenues through the effective acquisition, conversion, and retention of players.

The company explained in a new analytical article that in order to run a successful iGaming operation, volume is key. Player traffic needs to cover the running costs of an online casino, including licensing fees, access to software, and then turn a healthy profit as well. The company delves further into what online casinos revenues are, why winning isn't enough, acquisition, conversion, retention, and how to prolong gaming sessions.

"That is why operators need to go the extra mile when it comes to acquiring new customers and — perhaps even more importantly — retaining existing ones. From affiliate marketing to sign-up bonuses, from real-time marketing to loyalty programs, operators have a vast arsenal of tools and techniques at their disposal. The trick is to master them, keeping all the marketing efforts aligned and running smoothly," Slotegrator explained.

Slotegrator’s fully customizable online casino solution features an array of back-office tools built into the platform. In terms of marketing for online casino, the company is offering a free ebook dedicated to the subject

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