Director Renato Almeida

FBM: "For 2022 we have an ambitious roadmap and several projects for the physical and online world"

Renato Almeiada, FBM's Director.
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Team expansion, markets reached, facilities, and commercial partnerships. This is what FBM's director, Renato Almeida, promises for this year. To achieve this, the company has two brands: FBM for in-person gaming, and FBMDS for the online channel. "We will launch many new games and other innovative solutions," he told Yogonet.

The company closed important deals in Mexico, both for the in-person and online channels. What are the products that helped you move forward in this market?

In the in-person sector, my choice would be FBM Easy $ Money Link Multi-Game. This is a new bet that FBM has made within the slots sector and that is gaining wide acceptance in the Mexican market, after a process of rapid expansion.

Within FBMDS, I would choose Banca Francesa because it is a game that exemplifies our operating philosophy in the online segment. We want to launch products that combine innovation with high quality, taking into account the specificities of the market and the preferences of its players. Banca Francesca has a bit of all this and, with it, we are succeeding in reaping benefits and bringing advantages for operators and players.

Do you think that in 2022 it will be possible to resume the agenda of in-person events as normal? How do you make up for the lack of in-person meetings?

It's not something we can confirm, but we would very much like it to happen, of course. In 2021 we attended SIGMA in Malta and other events with FBMDS, and we are very much looking forward to returning to our international trade fair circuit with the FBM and FBMDS brands.

When in doubt about being able to do so due to sanitary conditions, we can always count on technology as a solution that allows us to be in permanent contact with our customers and partners.

We have also considered the variations in the sanitary context of the different markets in order to take advantage of their most stable periods and make on-site visits to our customers.

What is FBM's main objective for 2022, the company's 21st anniversary year?

The main word that comes to mind for this new year is expansion. I am convinced that the work we are developing for in-person and online casinos will allow us to expand the FBM team, the markets reached, the number of installations completed and the partnerships signed. Expanding is our priority!

What is the scenario you are projecting for 2022, both for in-person and online gaming?

The scenario we are projecting is positive. We have an ambitious roadmap and several projects in development for the physical and online world. We want 2022 to bring us the continuity of the recovery experienced in 2021 and we will certainly launch many new games and other innovative solutions for the markets in which we operate.

FBM will continue to innovate and launch new products in its lines of bingos, slots, and also table games, in the case of FBMDS. All this while maintaining the high standards of quality, credibility, and attraction that are already recognized in the products made available under the FBM and FBMDS brands.

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