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UK: Gambling Business Group reconstitutes under new board to represent high street gaming industry

Peter Hannibal, Gambling Business Group CEO.
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The UK Gambling Business Group (GBG) has now created a new board following reconstitution. The board, which met for the first time on November 9th, represents over 60% of UK Adult Gaming Centers and 100% of Motorway Service Areas, 100% of machines in the Licensed Betting Office sector, 75% of sited Category C and Category B gaming equipment, as well as accounting for the large majority of land-based Gross Gaming Yield.

“UK high street gaming finds its voice with powerful new strategic representation,” announces a press release on the reconstitution. The board is made up of C-Level figures from leading gaming brands, including Merkur UK, Scientific Games, Novomatic, Inspired Entertainment, Okto, Game Nation, Entain, Moto Hospitality, Welcome Break, Roadchef, and Extra.

“There’s no doubt that this Board is among the most influential groups in UK land-based gaming,” said GGB chief executive Peter Hannibal. “These are the brands that are investing in the UK high street and helping it to respond to the huge challenges that we are facing post-Covid.”

According to the executive, the brands making up the board are also taking steps to employ local people, sustain significant local and regional supply chains, as well as provide “safe, secure and socially responsible” gaming entertainment to customers throughout the UK.

“They are playing a significant role in the regeneration of the UK high street and have the ability to make important contributions to the Government’s ‘Levelling-Up’ programme,” Hannibal added.

While both the online and the seaside sectors of industry have their own representation, businesses on the high street were left without “a clear and defined voice. The GGB, now led by its new board of directors, “will be addressing these issues and filling the void” it believes it currently exists. 

“Our arguments will be empirically based and we will seek to work with external stakeholders and engage in constructive dialogue,” further said Peter Hannibal. “The board was unanimous in its support for the vision that has been presented and, on that basis, we are now in the process of finalizing the details of our strategic plan for high street gaming.” Once confirmed, the strategic plan will be unveiled and shared “with the industry.”

This plan is set to underpin the original aims of the Gambling Business Group, as well as create “a powerful new voice” for the high street. The GGB was first launched in 2014, in order to improve the business environment for gambling brands active in the UK and protect the long-term future of those companies and individuals working within the industry.

“It was refreshing to attend a meeting where we actually discussed and agreed on ways in which we can implement change and mean it,” said Adam Hodges, Chief Executive of Game Nation. “I strongly believe that if we want to shift the public’s perception of gambling then we need a combined approach across the industry with all sub-sectors working collaboratively to influence real change. The Gambling Business Group has the influence, the reputation and the focus to achieve this.”

The GBG describes itself as a group of “like-minded organizations and individuals” with an interest in the prosperity of the UK gambling industry. The Gambling Business Group is the parent and lead forum in the organizational structure, while sitting below are three sub-groups: Machines Sub-group, Motorway Services Group, and Technical Forum.

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