led the global ranking, with 75% of users coming from mobile

Top global gambling websites traffic grows in May

In the US, The Florida Lottery ( kept the top position despite seeing a sharp fall in May.
United States
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The Florida Lottery kept the top position in the US despite seeing a sharp fall last month, followed by Bet365 led the UK traffic ranking with 24.695.278 users, and in Brazil with 68.882.939 users in May.

The recent data partnership between Yogonet and SEMrush, an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform, has brought more traffic numbers of the online gaming sector for the month of May.

Most of the top gambling websites saw their traffic numbers grow in May when compared to April, a month that had seen mostly decreases from March. continued to lead the global ranking with 173.473.539 users75% of which came from mobile devices—, up from 157.670.345 reported in the prior month. came in second place with 87.672.888 (nearly 80% from mobile), an increase from April’s 85.712.180. The Mexican site was followed by, which was in line with these upward trends with 58.614.386 users, nearly 70% coming from desktop devices, a channel where it overtook 

Furthermore, the regional data shows that in the US, The Florida Lottery ( kept the top position despite seeing a sharp fall in May, with 9.855.666 users from its prior month’s 17.743.639. It was followed by the, whose traffic numbers were nearly halved: 7.983.356 from 15.055.541. The Texas Lottery ( came third with 6.939.209 users.

In the UK, bet365 led the traffic ranking with 24.695.278 users, up from 20.883.957. Skybet came second with 18.783.002, climbing from 15.977.119. followed them with 15.078.635.

The LatAm market was also included in the SEMrush analysis. In Brazil, comfortably led the ranking with 68.882.939 users in May, a significant increase from 56.341.650. It was followed by (7.171.793), which that month overtook (6.194.715). was first in Mexico by far, with 87.482.878 users, up from 85.527.060. came second with 1.184.096, while was reported at 49.750 users.

In Colombia, came on top with 12.547.980 users in May, down from 13.872.960. came closer that month as it saw its users increase from 9.402.744 to 11.103.146. They were followed far behind by, with 1.345.706. In Peru, marked 1.150.894 users in May, overtaking both (1.090.134) and bet365 (889.674) as compared to April.

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