First results from Yogonet data collaboration with SEMrush

Led by bet365, top gambling websites traffic see monthly drop in April

In the UK, bet365 led with 20.883.957 users in April, and Skybet followed with 15.977.119.
United States
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Bet365 led the global ranking with 157.670.345 users, followed by with 85.712.180. In the US, Florida Lottery was at the top last month with 17.743.639, and rising came second.

Yogonet latest data partnership with the online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform, SEMrush, has brought the first results in terms of online marketing data and analysis from the gambling and igaming sectors for the month of April, which was fully affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global data of top gambling websites by traffic shows that 8 of the top 10 saw decreases when compared to March, in many cases possibly due to sports betting being critically hit by major leagues and events shutdown. Bet365 comfortably led the ranking with 157.670.345 users, followed by with 85.712.180, and way behind them with 54.822.519.

Specifically in the US, Florida Lottery ( headed the top 5 list last month with 17.743.639 users. came next with 15.055.541, the only website from the top 5 to see growth from March, when it hosted 14.424.015 users. The Texas Lottery ( came in the third place with 9.119.529 users.

In the UK, bet365 led with 20.883.957 users in April, and Skybet followed with 15.977.119. William Hill hosted 12.912.724 users, and Betfair 11.891.683. All top 5 gambling websites in the UK saw traffic decreases. 

SEMrush also works with search volume data related to the gaming industry, based on the average number of times a specific search query is entered on a search engine per month. The top global English keywords in April were “lottery” and “online games,” 4.090.000 times each. In the US, the same keywords led the ranking with 673.000 times respectively. In the UK, "lottery" was first with 2.740.000, followed by "online games" with 201.000.

As for online gambling-related questions, “is gambling a sin” and  “what is gambling” came first with 6600 times each in April. “How to stop gambling” was down from 4400 in March to 2900 in April, while “is gambling illegal” climbed from 1900 times in March to 3600 in April, taking the second position in the list.

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