Codere obtained a license to operate sportsbooks in the Vasque Country

(Spain).- Private group Codere has been granted the license, as part of consortium Garaipen Victoria Apustuak, of one of the licenses for the operation of sportsbooks in the Vasque Country, according to a press release.
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This consortium is a society comprised by a 67% of the joint venture between Codere & William Hill, while the 33% belongs to local partners, such as Gabascar and 27 Vasque oeprators of the private gambling sector.

The Garaipen Victoria Apustuak's project will have an investment of us$ 31.6 million and the creation of 205 employments in the Vasque Country. With this tender process, the Vasque Country becomes the first autonomous community to initiate the sportsbooks operation.

The consortium remarks the quality of its shareholders as the key of its success. Codere administrates more than 49,000 gambling terminals, 124 bingo halls, 56 betting centres, two horse racetracks and five casinos in Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and Uruguay.

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