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Brazil: Bolsonaro will veto gambling legalization

Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil.
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President Jair Bolsonaro listened to supporters of the proposal but stated that he is against the opening of bingo halls, casinos and the 'Jogo do Bicho'. According to the president, the proposal will see his veto, but he also reminded that "Congress can override my veto."

Despite the recent boost in the Chamber of Deputies for the launch of a project that would legalize gambling, casinos, and the Jogo do Bicho in the country, President Jair Bolsonaro said in an interview that he intends to veto the proposal.

Stagnant since the government of Michel Temer, the regulation of sports betting gained momentum after the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, created a group to discuss the legalization of casinos, slot machines, and bingo halls, among others.

It is intended that the issue be voted on in the Chamber before the end of the year. The proposal has enthusiasts among the president's closest collaborators, such as the Chief of Staff, Ciro Nogueira, but it is however met with resistance from evangelical parliamentarians.

Nevertheless, the president told the press that supporters of gaming legalization in the country have already approached him, but he told them that the measure will not have the support of the Government to be approved in Congress and, if it goes ahead, he will veto the proposal.

"I think there is more to lose than to gain at this time. If they approve, I will veto, which is normal, and then Congress can override it. Yes, what is being discussed so far will have my veto, period," Bolsonaro said. "For now, that is my opinion on gambling," he said in an interview with Veja magazine.

Gambling legalization is also backed by parliamentarians, who see in the initiative the possibility of strengthening the tourism and hotel sector of the country.

Rather than regulate gambling, Bolsonaro said he intends to boost the sector by facilitating jet-skiing. According to the president, it would be possible to obtain a license that allows the use of a jet ski using the common driver's license, and a disclaimer. There is no deadline for the idea to gain momentum.

"There is something I want to highlight: jet-ski. It is expensive, but I am in contact with the Navy, as I am seeking to facilitate the jet-ski license. Today it is very complex to obtain, and I would like it to be similar to the process in the United States, where you use your driver's license and disclaimer policy to get it because driving a jet ski is learned in a minute, which is closely related to tourism in Brazil," he said. "It's 0.001% of employment", he assured.

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