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October 24, 2020

Exclusive interview with Marco Herrera, senior vice president and executive director for EMEA Scientific Games

"Those who visited us at ICE could see why Scientific Games is a leaders in innovation"

Senior vice president and executive director for EMEA Marco Herrera talked to Yogonet about Scientific Games' "casino of the future" concept, featured in products such as SG Game Service.
United States | 02/19/2019

Yogonet talked to Marco Herrera, senior vice president and executive director for EMEA Scientific Games, to find out more about the firm’s expectations for the international gaming event, the entire portfolio Scientific Games presented and plans for future expansion.


resent and future, this was Scientific Games' bet for ICE 2019. Brands such as James Bond and Monopoly, plus the new Asian-themed game Jin Ji Bao Xi are part of the wide range of products that is reaping success in other markets, which the company intends to showcase this year in Europe. The compact version of the Fusion Auto Roulette and the SG Game Service are just a preview of how the Company intends to sustain its long-term positioning.

"Defining what we are going to exhibit is an art; should we present what we are selling now or future trends to measure the reaction of the market?" "In the end, we decided on both options, in addition to appreciating our new designs and worldwide recognized licenses, such as James Bond and MONOPOLY. Those who visited us at ICE left with a clear idea of how we intend to maintain our leadership in innovation," said Marco Herrera, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Scientific Games (SG) for the European, Middle East and Africa Gaming division (EMEA, for its acronym in English), in an interview granted exclusively in London to Yogonet.

After the success of G2E Las Vegas, Scientific Games again bet on its new and innovative concept of stand. Herrera explained: "It was a different proposal - perhaps somewhat risky - that allowed us to have a VIP area, in which we could pay more attention to our customers, isolated from the general movement of the fair. We won't hesitate to repeat the experience, also replicating this presentation model." 

Following on the success of Duo Fu Duo Cai, the company launched another Asian-themed game: Jin Ji Bao Xi. SG has already completed the first installations of this product, and the manager assured that the result is "spectacular".

As for new markets, he said: "I cannot reveal much, but we are developing specific products for those markets, which are the focus of our expansion in the short term."

In order to meet the demand for roulette in smaller venues, the company redesigned its Fusion Auto Roulette specifically for the European market. "Here, we present the prototype of the compact version of this roulette, which will be ready to go on the market in a few months. We are very happy with the result."

SG Game Service is another one of Scientific's big bets for the future. Herrera shared with Yogonet some details of this proposal: "Externally, it looks like a traditional casino machine; however, it includes HTML5 content, as part of the casino of the future concept that we promote in our company."

"SG Game Service is prepared to offer digital versions of many player-favorites, including MONOPOLY Millionaire, Monopoly Big Money Reel and Battleship Direct Hit! But this format enables all kinds of content including sports betting. SG Game Service is a testimony to SG's ability to integrate games and channels."

Regarding other divisions of the company, Herrera stated that growth in the sports betting segment is undeniable, although he sets apart the American and European scenarios: "Unlike the booming expansion that the U.S. sports betting scenario started undergoing after the ruling of the Supreme Court, Europe shows more stability. The street market is widely developed throughout the continent; all the venues offer sports betting, roulettes and other casino games. Speaking specifically about Scientific Games, we only need to complete the integration of the NYX online engine and promote it in the retail channel of Spain, Germany, Greece and other destinations."

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