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October 27, 2021

Exclusive interview with Andrés Morano, VP South America Interblock

"Argentina, Chile and Peru will continue to be Interblock's focus"

SAGSE was a great opportunity for us, we had not exhibited there for years, and it was the ideal framework to launch and communicate our new commercial strategies, new business models," says Morano.
Argentina | 09/27/2018

This week, Yogonet interviewed VP South America Interblock Andrés Morano, to understand his views on the current economic climate in Argentina, its impact on the development of Gaming in the country, and how successfully SAGSE captured the region's momentum in the implemented organization strategies and opportunities presented.


hat balance would you offer as an exhibitor at SAGSE, and the development of the event in general, in terms of visitors, agreements, networking, etc.? Did they meet your expectations?

Unfortunately, Argentina is once again suffering from an economic and political crisis that inevitably impacts our industry. The volatility of the dollar, inflation, and some uncertainty that some operators have about the renewal of their licenses, do not help precisely when making decisions ... we are going through a very complicated, special moment, where nobody wants to make hasty decisions.
There is a saying by J. F. Kennedy that I love, going along the lines of: "In times of crisis, be aware of the danger, but recognize and focus on the opportunity."

SAGSE was a great opportunity for us, we had not exhibited there for years, and it was the ideal framework to launch and communicate our new commercial strategies, new business models, totally in line with the operators and the moment they are going through. We also seized the opportunity to showcase new products, Interblock is much more than roulettes, we have a wide range of products and solutions for bingo halls and casinos in Latin America.

The expectation was met and SAGSE undoubtedly helped to close several deals in which we had been working for a few months. We are very happy to have participated and surely next year we will come back to present even more novelties.


What products sought to highlight as a novelty, and which aroused greater interest among visitors? Was there a regional launch of Interblock?

Obviously, our roulettes are our best-known product and, little by little, customers are seeing that not all the roulettes in the market are identical. Once they install Interblock in their rooms they are surprised with the yields, the speed, and the acceptance they generate in their rooms. On the other hand, we presented a Black Jack and Baccarat video machine that both in USA and in Asia work even better than our roulettes, we believe that there is great potential for this type of products in the region and fortunately we have already agreed on very good deals with our main clients inSouth America.

How would you describe your presence in Argentina, and in the different markets of Latin America?

The growth of Interblock in the last two years has been impressive, we started from 0, there was not a single roulette installed in Argentina and by the end of the year we estimated having 370 game positions installed in Argentina.

          We started from 0, there was not a single roulette installed in Argentina and by the end of the year we estimated having 370 game positions"

What are the needs of operators and regional players at the time of designing strategies and products adapted to the local Argentine market? 

In Argentina and especially in the province of Buenos Aires, there are some particularities that we identify and take into account when designing our commercial and product strategy. Some examples: Bingos do not usually have many spaces available in their rooms, so our MINISTAR roulette model is ideal because it occupies nothing more than 2.1 MT. Another important point is that the vast majority of BS.AS rooms do not allow live games or tables, so that our entire product line can be an ideal solution for operators to offer this type of games.

 In March, the Sun Monticello of Chile inaugurated the SiSun Gaming Bar with the latest Interblock technology, Pulse Arena. What performance did that product have until today and how is it projected in the future, perhaps for other rooms?

Never in my 11 years of industry had I had to lead a project as nice and challenging as was the launch of SiSun Bar Monticello. We had the luck and the privilege of working side by side with the Sun/Dreams team. An impressive company, with a highly professional team prepared for such a challenge, a very beautiful casino and a space specially designed to house the first Interblock Pulse Arena in Latin America.

          Sun/Dreams is an impressive company, with a highly professional team."

There is nothing like this in all of Latin America, it is really spectacular and the players quickly understood the concept and joined this innovative experience. I take this interview to publicly acknowledge Eng. Jaime Wilhem and his entire team, without them it would have been impossible to carry out such a challenge.

PULSE ARENA is a highly innovative, customizable, dynamic technological proposal specially designed to attract new players and/or existing players seeking innovation. A hybrid experience of entertainment, games of chance and social interaction. Pulse Arena combines different games and generators, either automatic or live (assisted by a croupier).

Players from their game stations, immersed in an environment full of music, lights and entertainment, have the ability to play one or more games, including multiplay technology allows you to divide the screen into 4 and play more than one game at a time. time. Black Jack, Baccarat, Craps, Sicbo, Roulette, Bingo, Keno, are some of the games offered by this technology.

The future is very promising, we have already agreed with three other casinos in South America and we are evaluating other options. In reference to performance, which is within expectations, we must understand that this type of product is not measured only by coin in or net win, there are many important variables to analyze, such as the number of new players who joined. to the casino, the young public that comes to play, the savings generated by the reduction of hours of the traditional tables (with a single generator, a single croupier can serve up to 50 players), and above all the high degree of satisfaction that the players transmit to us after living the experience. The Pulse Arena is not only an innovative combination of games, entertainment and technology, it is also a modern and powerful marketing tool.

 How does your regional agenda unfolds, both in terms of events and markets that you seek to enter or strengthen?

Growing up so much and so fast is something that makes us proud and fills us with joy. These last two years have been incredible for Interblock in the region, now the challenge is greater, we have raised the bar as Americans say, it will not be easy, but we are confident that we will achieve it.

Argentina, Chile and Peru will continue to be our focus, however, Colombia and Uruguay will be two markets that we will devote a lot of time to next year as we are launching new games and products that fit perfectly with those markets.

As every year we will be exhibiting our latest news in G2E where we will present a novel line of games and products that will allow us to further expand our market share throughout the different regions.

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