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June 24, 2021

With more products and a larger booth than in 2012

Aruze announced the results of its product display at recent G2E Asia

(Macau).- Today, Aruze Gaming announced the results of its product display at the latest edition of G2E Asia. Takahiro Usui, Senior General Manager of Aruze Gaming, commented that the company’s goals during its seven-year support of G2E Asia have been to “solidify our market share, enhance our presence in Asia, and aggressively build our brand for the future.”


he company said that it participated at G2E Asia with the aim of making a dramatic statement. This year, its booth was 17% larger than in 2012. Its 153 machines were sitting in the largest exhibit space amongst the 130 international exhibitors. Aruze’s goal was to try to establish its leadership position and separating itself from the competition by displaying an unmatched array of engaging products.

“We strived to bring something distinctive. We did this by exhibiting new game features that are unlike anything else in the market,” stated Usui. “This is the development philosophy behind all Aruze products.” Aruze’s development teams have worked tirelessly to bring the most “fun-tastic” experiences to players. “Over the past few years we have seen a significant growth of stepper products in numerous regions. Aruze’s Innovator is now leading the stepper segment of the gaming market,” assessed Usui. This year, similar to prior years, Aruze saw a consistent flow of traffic from guests, casino operators and competitors, all of whom were immersed in Aruze’s impressive line-up of products.
Having the largest exhibit area was a great way to showcase Aruze’s Innovator products.

Sixteen newly released Innovator themes along with proven games released over the past 18 months made the Aruze booth a highlight of the show. The popular feature that distinguishes all of Aruze’s Innovator machines is referred to as Radiant Reels. Unlike anything else on the casino floor, these machines entertain players with ultra-high-speed spinning mechanical reels, unexpected multi-directional spins, and hundreds of LED lights that excite players by creating a 3D experience to other interactive features, including Aruze’s 4+1 reel.

This feature incorporates a multiplier and free game selections as seen in Aruze’s Golden Frontier game. Just around the corner from Golden Frontier were Aruze’s Blue Wings and the Brilliant Seven games, which featured the excitement of 2 Jackpot events. . Both of these themes are extensions of the Cherry Chance series.

“The equipment suppliers have an obligation to make the gaming experience fun for players by introducing innovative and exciting play mechanics on a continuous basis. We take this responsibility seriously,” mentioned Usui. He went on to state, “that’s why we want our customers to know that we take fun seriously.” When asked what the operators were most interested in, Usui mentioned, “the 3D effects behind the reels, the interactive features of all the products, distinctive multiple jackpot events, and the ever-changing reel on Aruze’s Golden Frontier game.”

Aruze has also expanded its  range of video products such as Ultra Stack Dragon and Wolf 500G. These new products incorporate innovative menu choices for the players. Multi-player products such as Lucky Sic Bo, Lucky Big Wheel and Amazon Fishing, with a proven track record of success, were occupied on a regular basis.

Usui summed up the discussion by stating that the “overwhelming interest and attention Aruze’s products received were a welcome reward for the five months of exhibit preparation and dedication to a development philosophy that emphasizes innovation and entertainment value.”

More seriously-fun machines will be introduced on the floor at G2E Las Vegas next September 24-26, 2013.

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