International edition
September 21, 2021

Claudia Aguacia, Boss Gaming Administrative Coordinator

“Panama has become focus of big companies, including those of the gaming business”

(Panama, exclusive A few days before the beginning of the event, Claudia Aguacia, Boss Gaming Administrative Coordinator, talked to about the portfolio of products to be showcased at the event and about the high expectations for this new edition: “SAGSE Panama has always been a strategical ally in the opening of new commercial processes.”


ow are you preparing for SAGSE Panama? 
We have been working for six years in Panama, showing our leading product, the electronic roulette, and consolidating commercial relationships that nowadays are reflected in our sales. Our experience in the manufacturing and support of electromechanical roulettes, and our continuous advance in software and design, back us as a company which brings total confidence to be allies in more demanding productive processes. SAGSE Panama has always been a strategical ally in the opening of new commercial processes contemplated in our corporate projects.

What products will you present?
We will present Boss Gaming roulettes, as a result of the union between the best European technology and an exclusive modular design, which adapt efficiently to any space, unique with nine positions in the global market with a smaller size, than those with beight positions. They count with a progressive jackpot system and with homologations for the SAS, TITO and Cashless communication systems, among others. 

Will you present any new product?
Based on technology and design, we have manufactured a Black Jack electronic table, which has allowed us to open our market, and attract new and different customers.

What do you expect to achieve in this exhibition?
We expect our potential customers to get to know our products and the advantages of working with us. Besides, to keep on strengthening our commercial relationships in which we have been working on for years.

Which is the position of the firm in Panama?
We have been maintaining commercial relationships during the last six years, which have occured within the best terms of transparence, equity, honesty and aptitude.

And in the rest of the Central American and Caribbean customers?
We are present basically in all the Central American countries, and in some Caribbean countries too.

How do you see the market in Panama in the short and medium term?
Due to the economic and business growth, Panama has become the focus for big companies, among them, those dedicated to the gaming sector. Our interest in the short ter mis to show the strenght of our company, our dedication and knowledge in the manufacturing of electronic roulettes and Black Jack. In the long term, we expect to position in the Panamanian market as the allied company of the gaming firms to reinforce their corporate projects.

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