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July 28, 2021

According to operators of newest city casino

Goa casinos need regulatory authority

(India).- The promoters of Goa's newest casino said this week that a gaming commission or a regulatory authority was “absolutely essential” to monitor casino gaming arenas in the state, the only one in India which allows casino gambling.


ohn Snowball, Vice President (Gaming Operations) of Crown Lounge and Casinos, which started operations earlier this year, said that the gaming commission could be on the lines of any of the regulators in place in countries where gambling is legal.

“It is absolutely essential to have a gaming authority or a regulator to ensure that gambling is properly conducted in Goa,” said Snowball, one of the most well known casino management professionals in the state.

“It is not so hard to have an authority like this. There are gaming bodies around the world which control casinos. It is not a difficult thing to set one up in Goa,” Snowball said on the sidelines of a promotional event organised by casino operators.

Goa has five operating offshore casinos and about 20 onshore casinos located in the numerous five star hotels which dot the state, but has no authority which monitors the growing industry, which is linked directly to the tourism trade.

While the Goa government has been claiming over the last three years that efforts are being made to set up a body on the lines of the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC), which regulates gaming in the world's casino capital Las Vegas, there is hardly any development on the ground.

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat's assurance to the state assembly two years ago that he would have a gaming commission in place by 2010 has also not been fulfilled, even as five new casinos have set up shop since then.

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