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October 19, 2021

Luca Gerardini, General Manager of Magic Dreams

“ICE 2011 is the perfect launch pad for the new released Lady Glamour and Wolves Legend”

(UK, exclusive A few days before the beginning of ICE 2011, Luca Gerardini, General Manager of Magic Dreams, talked to about the expectations and objectives of the company for the forthcoming event. He also commented about the main characteristics of the products that the firm will showcase and the main trends he expects to see in London, as well as about Magic Dreams’ new projects


hich are your expectations and objectives for ICE 2011?
Magic Dreams is a growing reality in the sector and our existing customers are aware of this, now we have to extend our market share and maintain the progressive growth we gained through the years.

We planned a growth for 2010 in terms of sales in the countries in which we already are and in the new ones, with this in mind Magic Dreams has just strengthened the Sales force in order to push sales and reach the targets planned. This strategic choice has been taken also because our product quality has deeply increased thanks to the technological improvements we developed and for this reason we strongly need to reinforce the commercial structure.

Which are the main characteristics of the products that you will present?
We will dedicate a primary position to Captain CA$H Jackpot System, that has been obviously developed on the powerful platform Xtend. Captain CA$H is a pirate themed 5 Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot that has been thought to bring innovation and amazement in the slot floor.

The original concept of this product includes a perfect mix of features that allows players to enjoy the unexpected surprise of a Mystery triggered bonus and the enthralling emotion of a Progressive series of growing wins. The exciting atmosphere, the high volatility and the charming experience offered by each new Xtend Game will be even more enhanced if combined with the perfect mix of features of the stunning Captain Cash Jackpot System.
Beyond Captain Cash we will also showcase the entire Xtend Game Library both in Jackpot and Stand Alone version. High Volatility is for sure the main important feature of our math models.

Will you launch new products?
ICE 2011 is the perfect launch pad for the new released Lady Glamour and Wolves Legend.
Wolves Legend is an exciting hunting through the cold and mysterious forests of North America, a Wild atmosphere invade the game scene and the player will be involved in the legendary struggle for the existence. We offer Wolves Legend in two versions: 40 lines or 50 lines. Both versions are featured with a very high volatility and are developed in 5x4 layouts.

Developed in three different versions is Lady Glamour: we choose 9, 25 and 30 Lines in order to meet all the operators’ needs. Lady Glamour has been created thinking at what a woman wants to become. Lady Glamour is the icon of Luxury, richness, vogue and elegance. All the players that loves High Volatility will fall in love with Lady Glamour and start the richest shopping experience they have never lived.

In your opinion, which will be the main challenge of the event in its 2011 edition?
Magic Dreams is, as a matter of fact, a small company in comparison with the biggest international market leaders. This means that we are more flexible, we work as close team and everything is always shared, discussed and developed rapidly. We can offer to the operators’ dynamism, efficiency and tailor made solutions and this is our strength. We have to keep always an high level of competitiveness and this is our challenge.

What trends do you expect to see?
We expect to see a great level of innovation not only in terms of technological improvements but also in terms of product offer. All the competitors what to distinguish themselves from the others by showing something that is dramatically different from all the other catalogues. Offering innovation and quality is, of course, the target of Magic Dreams, our aim is to offer always a fresh and performing alternative to operators.
Which are your main projects for the following months?
Magic Dreams is facing big investments in terms on development and homologations in order to enter in several markets that have been considered our target for this year. We can boast a wide product portfolio and we planned to enter in new countries offering our proven performers.

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