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September 27, 2021

The Smart Hopper and Smart Payout

Innovative Technology to introduce two automated payment products at Fer Interazar

(Spain).- Fer Interazar will see the introduction of two new revolutionary automated payment products from the Innovative Technology Group. Represented by Spanish subsidiary Automated Transactions at stand B9, the show will be the official launch platform for two new products: the Smart Hopper and Smart Payout.


hese new Smart products will bring multi coin and multi note payout technology into the 21st Century and revolutionise the payout process. The Smart Hopper is a true multi coin hopper capable of dispensing up to 12 coins per second from 11 different denominations. Ideal for all machines, the product eliminates the need for multiple hoppers, a coin sorter and reduces the cost of handling coins internally.

The host machine can set the desired coin values needed for payout and transfer all other values straight to the cashbox. A self-regulating float ensures the host machine is able to payout as necessary, combating coin starvation, whilst easing operator refill and collection. The Smart Payout is a note dispenser capable of paying out mixed denomination banknotes as change or prizes.

Designed to facilitate note payout the Smart Payout is ideal for any machine that needs to dispense notes. With a payout capacity of 80 notes the Smart Payout can accept, validate and dispense mixed value notes, tickets or barcodes. The Smart Payout can help eradicate coin starvation and will be of particular benefit in countries where the value of coins is low.

The Smart Hopper and Smart Payout when combined, provide one complete automated payment solution. Host machines can pay any mixture of coins and notes to conveniently provide customers with change or prizes.

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