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October 17, 2021

Ranking of casino table games in the state released

Galaxy Gaming's petition approved in Washington

(US).- Galaxy Gaming announced that last Friday, August 14th, the Washington State Gambling Commission unanimously approved its petition to amend rule WAC 230-15-040 (Requirements for authorized card games).


he amended rule allows approximately 78 non-tribal casinos operating in Washington to fully implement all of the features of Galaxy Gaming's Emperor's Challenge Pai Gow Poker casino table game. In March of this year, Emperor's Challenge became the first table game available with Galaxy's Bonus Jackpot System, whereby players may place an optional fourth wager in order to obtain a substantial jackpot prize. However, the previous rule restricted players to place no more than three of the four available wages.

Also at its meeting, the Gambling Commission released a report showing the ranking of casino table games in the state. The report listed Emperor's Challenge as the number one proprietary casino poker game, a position formerly held by Shuffle Master's Fortune Pai Gow Poker, which dropped to second place.

"This rule change is huge for us," commented Robert Pietrosanto, Galaxy Gaming's Sales Manager. "Although Emperor's Challenge became number one, a large number of casino operators told us they were waiting for this rule change before placing their order for the BJS version. Since Friday's ruling, orders are pouring in. I anticipate at least another 50 units over and above our current backlog," declared Pietrosanto.

The Commission also granted Galaxy's request the rule be effective in 31 days instead of the typical implementation of January 1. "We are extremely grateful to the Commission for approving our petition for this important rule change and particularly for advancing the effective date," stated Robert Saucier, Galaxy Gaming's CEO. "Having the rule effective mid-September should positively impact our fourth quarter," he added.

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