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September 19, 2021

In the latest two years

Mexican Department of the Interior doubled its games and draws collection

(Mexico).- In a two-year period, the Mexican Department of Interior (Segob) doubled the amount paid for trade events, games and draws, according to official reports. In 2007, the amount paid for this concept increased to us$ 54,412,002, compared to the US$ 26,315,662 planned.


n 2006, the government collected US$ 25,104,075 in raffles, contests, betting centres (bingos, yaks, etc.) and regional events such as San Marcos, which this year registrates an increment of us$ 79.09 regarding the previous year and will pay US$ 2,230.

However, Segob will keep in 2008 almost the same fees in the charge of installments for the gambling operation of games and draws in the country and it will not change the percentages for betting centres, bingo halls and yaks, which are from 1% to 4%, of which of 1 and 2% are for horse race-tracks, greyhound race-tracks and 4% for card games, darts and roulettes in trade events.

Recent growths are from us$ 1,93 up to us$ 1,453, for prizes with a value of 1 cent up to us$ 581,562. The Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit sent different official notices to Segob to authorize the fees, which will have to be published in the Official Journal of the Federation to come into force.

In the last three years (2006, 2007 and 2008) the changes to from us$ 1,93 to us$ 1,453 due to the charge of prizes obtained for people in draws and raffles, but big operators of bingo halls and betting houses kept a charge of 1% and 2%.

In the case of money prizes which have not been paid in 60 days after the recoup fee, that will have to be given to SEGOB is 100% of the value of the prize in money that was not paid or claimed.

When talking about events, Texcoco, together with Leon, Puebla and Zapopan, passed from us$ 1,450 to us$ 1,501. Events from Villahermosa and Pachuca, for example, raised US$ 611 to us$ 633, while in most of the capital cities of the country, the fee increased from us$ 390 to us$ 403.

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