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Robin Le Prevost, States of Alderney Head of E-Commerce

"ICEi taking on major global role"

(UK).- States of Alderney Head of E-Commerce, Robin Le Prevost, has described London's ICEi 2008 as a place to meet “evermore diverse and increasing number of potential licensees from all corners of the globe”.
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States of Alderney, who have recently added their name to the growing list of companies and organizations signing up for ICEi 2008 (January 22-24), are among the UK Gambling Commission's recent “white list”, which allows only those territories who meet a stringent set of guidelines to advertise on TV, radio and in print media, subject to UK advertising rules.

Le Prevost enthused: “With the challenges our industry has witnessed over the past year, much has changed and, with the focus evermore on Europe, ICEi in London has taken on a major role. This growth in size and influence can only continue, of that we are certain.” He added: “From last year's experience, we expect to see an evermore diverse and increasing number of potential licensees from all corners of the globe - it felt like GIGSE used to be and that is where you have to be to get in front of the clients.”

States of Alderney is one of three jurisdictions attending London's Earls Court in late January. Le Prevost concluded by suggesting his territory is as equipped as any to host companies looking to obtain advertising rights in the UK.

He concluded: “We remain extremely confident about our capabilities. Our reputation holds us in good stead but increasingly our technical capabilities will be seen as a strong suite with operators the whole world over realizing that for quality of service and a business savvy environment Alderney is far and away the Number 1 jurisdiction."

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