Diego Mejía, from TransAct

"We were very satisfied with SAGSE because most of the attendees were key people and direct industry contacts"

Diego Mejía, Director of Sales - Casino and Games at TransAct.
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TransAct's Director of Sales - Casino and Games, Diego Mejía, stated that the company's presence at the recent edition of SAGSE LatAm was positive and highlighted the players with whom they made contact during the event in Argentina.

In an interview with Yogonet, the executive of the company that designs printers for the gaming sector also highlighted that, during the trade show, they presented the Epic EDGE, their new printer for TITO, which is the new version of their award-winning Epic 950.

What is TransAct's assessment of its participation in the recent edition of SAGSE LatAm?

Our participation in SAGSE was very positive, mainly because we know that, with our presence, we demonstrated to all our clients and to the industry our support and commitment to the Latin American market. 

Since the pandemic, TransAct has become the main supplier of printing solutions for the gaming industry worldwide, and thanks to many efforts, we have been able to position ourselves as leaders in the market, and this makes our focus on Latin America essential for our operation since we know that many competitors have given up on this market.

What was the company's focus during the event? What were the main inquiries from attendees?

Our main focus was the presentation of our new TITO printer, the Epic EDGE, which is the evolution of our award-winning and market-favorite Epic 950, launched in 2005 and which, to this day, has been a standard of quality and performance. 

The Epic EDGE combines all the advantages of its predecessor with the latest technology, including a high-definition print head that allows easy-to-read bar codes to be printed on bill acceptors, even if they are not calibrated or in optimal maintenance. In other words, with Epic EDGE, you can improve the ticket acceptance rate within the casino. The main inquiries we received were related to its integration and support.

Fortunately, TransAct has been working with machine manufacturers worldwide for two years, guaranteeing integration and firmware support for all brands. Our intention is that casino operators, and mainly their technical and service teams, have one less thing to worry about, and for that, we offer a product of the highest quality with the best functionality and support.

Something very important is that TransAct does not charge for sharing the firmware files for its products and makes them public and free so that its customers can have easy and immediate access to our firmware catalog. We don't see the point of charging for a file when we want to guarantee the performance of the hardware we manufacture.

How would you rate the participation of industry players two years after the pandemic?

We have a very good impression of the participation in this year's edition, and to be honest, we were very satisfied because most of the attendees were key people and direct industry contacts, so we were able to benefit much more from our meetings and contacts. 

SAGSE has always been characterized as one of the main focal points for the integration of the gaming industry in Latin America, and we are pleased to see the positive response reflected in the massive attendance. We look forward to continuing to participate in and support the Latin American market.

During the event, there were round table discussions on various industry topics. Which one did you consider most relevant for TransAct?

We have noticed that currently, the gaming industry has turned massively to the implementation of virtual-digital channels and the proliferation of E-Gaming and sports betting, solutions that have had an immense level of acceptance, especially accelerated by the pandemic, which became a way to bring the casino closer to its customers in a non-face-to-face manner.

TransAct is also implementing systems that now allow casinos to resume attendance at their land-based facilities and, combined with their virtual gaming implementations, to use invitation mechanisms to validate promotional coupons within the casino facilities to offer an integrated service on both fronts. With this system, several options can also be explored for the implementation of control mechanisms and Responsible Gaming support, and even the integration of sports betting platforms directly in the slot machines, thus converting them into betting kiosks.

SAGSE LatAm is one of the most recognized trade shows in the region. What can you say in terms of networking opportunities resulting from this event?

Our main objective, and the one we will be working on in the coming months after the show, is the alliance with an important local company, well known in the industry, which we are sure will become our distributor. Through it, we will be able to expand our presence in the market and continue to ensure the support and great service that has always characterized our company. I hope we will be able to announce it very soon.

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