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Play'n Go launches Fortune Rewind, its first slot revolving around time-traveling

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Online slots supplier Play'n GO announced Thursday the launch of Fortune Rewind, a new slot that revolves around time-traveling. While the company already has experience in sci-fi with titles such as Reactoonz, and traveling to the prehistoric era with Raging Rex, this is the first game in Play'n GO's portfolio to cover the theme of time travel itself.

"Dr. Tempis has cracked it! Kind of. She has built a machine that can make time travel, but she can't control it. With the click of a button, she could be back in The Stone Age or thrust into the year 3000," the company describes the game's background.

The title aims to unite its features with the narrative and theme. In the game, there are six different eras that the player can travel to during the Free Spins round, from Ancient Egypt to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

During Free Spins the Wanted Symbol mechanic is active, where a random symbol is displayed on the side of the reels, the symbol corresponds to which time era the player is currently in. Each time they travel to another era the Wanted Symbol changes to correspond to that era. Winning with the Wanted Symbol will multiply the win amount by the value displayed.

Even in the base game, there are plenty of features that take on a Rewind and Fast Forward notion, upgrading symbols or landing Wilds that will create the opportunity for wins on non-winning rounds. "Not only does this complement the theme but hammers on entertainment," the company said.

Play'n GO's Games Ambassador, George Olekszy, said: 'Fortune Rewind is a super feature-rich game where the narrative and features complement each other seamlessly.'

'There is always something happening on screen which is really fun to watch. You really find yourself along for the ride with Dr. Tempis as she travels from era to era. It's all about creating an experience,' he concluded.

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