Roll To Win Craps

Aruze Gaming creates semi-automatic game with "immersive" experience to innovate on traditional craps tables

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Aruze Gaming has presented its new semi-automatic game Roll To Win Craps, based on a traditional craps table and following the same logic. In this title, users roll the dice on a large LED screen that replaces the well-known dice table.

The design of this Aruze Gaming table stands out for the LED panels that show graphics and animations designed to capture the attention of users and that, according to the company, complement the gaming experience "making it much more immersive".

In a press release issued Tuesday, they added that with Roll To Win Craps players do not need physical chips to play, but rather each game station allows the use of cash and hands out tickets. Likewise, it allows players to place minimum bets, which they highlight as a great attraction for casino game amateurs.

Each player can place bets on their screen privately and then see their virtual chips on the main LED screen. Up to 10 people can play at a table with the advantage that each player has enough space between them to avoid crowding.

Aruze also emphasized that many players like the fact that they can customize the name of the users, so their names can appear on the screen. In addition, it has side screens that show a record of the numbers that appeared in previous plays.

In the press release, company officials stated that Roll To Win Craps was developed "thinking about the smallest detail" and that, unlike traditional gaming tables, there are no interruptions to supply the machine with money, and there are no obstacles on the table: only 2 dices that roll on the table during the plays.

Lastly, Roll To Win Craps incorporates music to match the results and graphics, which include stars and flames. "Roll To Win Craps sparks a lot of interest among players as it allows them to participate and have fun regardless of their skill level," Aruze said.

The company said that every day it proves that "its products are unique, innovative and bring great value not only to the entertainment industry but also to its customers and players."

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