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SAGSE Latam 2022 returns to in-person format with high attendance and industry support

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Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel and Convention Center was the chosen venue for the inauguration day of the 30° edition of SAGSE in Argentina, an event that exceeded the expectations of the showcasing companies and managed to gather a great number of visitors that walked the hallways of the expo throughout the entire first day. 

The new location of the event allowed to inject the changes that the organization sought to make in this new stage, with a great call and, above everything else, first-level operators from all throughout the region, who attended the event and guaranteed the showcasing brands an effective presence.

The reunion spirit was one of the main features of SAGSE Latam in Buenos Aires which, beyond the events organized by Monografie during the pandemic at the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo (Palermo Racetrack), it had not managed to return to an absolute in-person format. This 2022 edition achieved that goal. 

As for the opinion of the exhibitors and regulators present at the event, Yogonet collected testimonies that highlight a unanimous criterion on the professionalism of the event, and how much more exclusive and effective this new format has resulted to be. So much so, it has allowed the generation of business meetings and agreements between companies, aside from an outstanding call. 

In addition to the presence of traditional casino and gaming halls element supplying companies, the online segment was also one of the main actors of the exposition, which did not come as a surprise, considering the recent process of formalization of the main jurisdictions in the country regarding these sorts of betting. 

"We are very happy, and feel we've nailed it with this new SAGSE proposal. We have worked long and hard thinking about this new paradigm, about the venue choice of international level, about improving the conditions of the expository companies to maximize the effectiveness of their investment... and, as we contemplate this turn-up and we hear auspicious comments from everyone here, we are thankful and convinced that we are on the right track," Vice President of Monografie Alan Burak expressed to Yogonet as the first day of the showcase ended.

"This is our 30° anniversary in this industry, and we wanted the celebration to live up to the expectations. Fortunately, we achieved that goal and I feel we have exceeded our own expectations. We still have a second day ahead, and then we will evaluate the results of this SAGSE edition in detail. But today, as we see the corridors with so many people, and such a good attendance, we can say that we have kept our promise of returning and doing so in the best possible way. We will continue to work through 2022, already thinking about 2023's edition to further improve the event, but now backed by everyone who has stood by us in this journey. And it will be them who can testify on the success and the transcendence of this new way of understanding SAGSE, which is back with the reassurance that it has a huge future ahead", Burak concluded. 

SAGSE 2022 Buenos Aires

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