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CT Gaming's new multigame slot machine Next to take center stage at ICE London

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CT Gaming announced that it will present its latest gaming innovation to customers and partners at ICE London 2022. A comprehensive range of gaming solutions will be on show at the company’s stand N3-330, split into distinct sections.

“We will take pride in place with an extensive gaming experience that covers all the aspects of modern gaming. We will present our newest product offerings which are in sync with operators' expectations,” said Biser Bozhanov, Business Development and Strategy Director at CT Gaming. “We have built on previous successes with a balance of proven and brand-new maths models and, taking advantage of new hardware technologies, delivering more advanced audio-visual packages to meet the players’ evolving demands for engaging gaming entertainment.”

The newest and advanced slot machine, Next, with the latest multigames, will be in the spotlight at the stand. The Next generation of CT Gaming slot cabinets combines advanced technology with compelling game packages. “With cutting-edge design and breathtaking content, the slot machine leads the way to the next level of innovation,” the company stated in a press release.

The slot machine presents the Diamond King series of multigames and the continuation of the Mega Jack game pack – Mega Jack 2021.

Consisting of 50 games, the Diamond King series offers a unique experience, combining the emotion of playing 50 games, including 40 of the most preferred titles as well as brand new ones, along with ten games connected to Diamond Tree Jackpot.

The innovative progressive 3-level Diamond Tree jackpot that could be won on any bet has an exciting concept. Diamond Tree has a strong Jackpot theme, visuals, and sound, awarding multiple progressives and bonus values at a time. With mechanics that have a deep and engaging element, the jackpot makes the experience more thrilling and memorable.

The Mega Jack 2021 multigame is a unique 3 in one product, offering two exciting jackpot concepts and classic games. 16 of the games in the game pack are linked to the 3-level Progressive jackpot Diamond Tree, 6 titles are connected to 2-levels Jackpot Chilli Link and there are 32 classic games – the famous and most played fruit games, games with free games, various bonuses, and many more.

“The diversity of markets presents a challenge, and we have met it with diverse content and intriguing concepts, tailoring offerings to individual market needs with the offered products”, explained Nikola Nenkov, Regional Sales Manager at CT Gaming.  

The company's Casino Management System is constantly improved and enhanced with new functionalities, making it a comprehensive tool for management and complete control over casino operation. “What makes our system stand out is the mere fact that we offer slot and live games management in one. Developed as a full-suite casino management solution for efficient regulatory and compliance reporting, accounting, and audits for both slot and live game management, the system is effective in all sizes of casinos”, added Nenkov.

The Rhino slot management system offers a full range of modules and player tracking options, featuring maximized functionality and flexible applicability to a wide spectrum of customers’ needs. The system provides full control over all activities in real-time for slots games and analysis and reporting of results. The loyalty program and reporting based on the customer game are excellent tools to achieve excellent results in the halls.

The Live game management system Flamingo provides real-time management and monitoring of live game tables. It covers all aspects of live game activities in the casino - from chip loading to the most complex analyzes. It offers complete and comprehensive information about the current situation of the tables.

High reliability and constant improvement of the system functionalities enable optimization of all work processes and are a must for every operator. It boosts the performance of the operation and optimizes the workflow of the employees in the casino.

“CT Gaming has a wealth of exciting new content. We bring the very best derived from proven and popular game mechanics that players instantly recognize and revel in. Customers can expect a robust portfolio of multigames and solutions created to address their specific business needs and cater to the unique demands of the markets where they operate. We are happy to share our new portfolio of products with both existing and new partners at ICE 2022 in London,” Bozhanov concluded.

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