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Orbital launches new corporate treasury platform for the iGaming sector

United Kingdom
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Orbital has announced the launch of its new platform, a product that aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital asset treasury solutions, facilitating a regulated, secure and frictionless experience for the global iGaming sector.

By leveraging cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, Orbital upgrades treasury solutions by increasing speed of cross border payments and transactions, whilst at the same time reducing costs, fees and hold-ups of the traditional system.

The platform is a single point of access to a range of tools needed to run a modern treasury operation, and the nexus that connects the corporate world with the new digital economy. These tools include multi-currency accounts (USD, EUR, GBP), foreign exchange, global payments, digital asset custody vaults (BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT and more), OTC trading, and C2B crypto-commerce payment processing.

“Treasury management and adoption of cryptocurrencies has come with difficulties for iGaming operators, held back by the poor innovation, lack of sector understanding and outdated risk systems of incumbent banks, leaving operators underserved. Orbital solves this by being the first to give parity to traditional financial services and digital assets, and the first to be developed by a trusted and regulated service provider with equal expertise in the world of transactional banking and digital assets”, the company explained.

Commenting on the launch, Orbital CEO Chris Mason said: "In tandem with traditional financial services, digital assets represent the future of commerce. Orbital opens this world up to online gaming operators and multi-national organisations, by integrating them seamlessly with their existing treasury operations. Until now, global iGaming operators had been forced to choose their crypto tools piecemeal from a range of providers in a range of territories - and to suffer the long onboarding and inefficient integrations that came with them. Orbital is the solution: a fully-integrated treasury management platform that enables businesses to harness the power of cryptocurrency alongside the very best of traditional financial services."

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