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SOFTSWISS Sportsbook launches new bonus type Freebet Booster

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iGaming expert and software provider SOFTSWISS is upgrading its online betting solution, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, with the launch of an updated Freebet bonus feature, the company announced on Tuesday.

The new Freebet Booster functionality is part of the Sportsbook’s strategy “to gamify the gambling process and player experience,” a press release explains. The expanded bonus feature will help operators offer more attractive terms to players, which will increase their loyalty and engagement.

The Freebet Booster will complement the lineup of existing player rewards available through the solution. At the moment, it includes three types of Freebets (No Risk, AllWin and OnlyWin), Comboboost, and the sport betting platform’s recent novelty: Hunting bonus.

The principle behind Freebet Booster is to multiply the standard Freebet bonuses that can be assigned to players, according to a press statement. The new functionality will be given to the user at the same time as a standard freebet.

The player will need to activate the Freebet Booster by clicking on it in order to take advantage of the bonus, and the bettor will then be able to get from 1 to 5 additional Freebets identical in value to the “boosted” freebets.

An operator is in charge of determining the number of freebet bonuses a player receives after activating the Freebet Booster. The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook also plans to extend the Booster model to other available bonuses “at a later date,” the company says.

Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Sportsbook.

"The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook has a number of advantages as a flexible online sports betting solution for both operators and players,” said Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. “We are constantly working to develop our product to reflect the latest requirements of the iGaming industry.”

Officially launched in December 2020, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook is described by the company as “a reliable sports betting solution” which allows for the running of a successful sports betting website. Platform clients earn access to data from provider of live odds for esports Oddin.gg, and sports odds feed supplier Betradar.

In addition to an extensive set of bonus tools, the Sportsbook also offers its clients flexibility in managing sports betting bonuses and promotions. It also features 22,000+ live events monthly, 180+ sports on 1,200+ markets, advanced player segmentation, and esports and premium cricket odds

“The launch of the new bonus will be great news for all those who would like to bring gamification elements to their betting sites,” further commented Kamenetskyi. “Freebet Booster will be appreciated by those players who value interactive and dynamic gameplay. And that is certainly the majority of casino and betting site visitors.”

Earlier this month, SOFTSWISS shared insights and results of the past year for its Sportsbook platform. According to statistics, men are the top users of the platform, accounting for 97% of the sum of all bets. Additionally, a look into the players’ age revealed that users aged 41 to 50 years old provide the biggest contribution in bets.

The insight report also confirmed the growing presence of mobile phones for betting: in 2021, people were more likely to use this device – mobile made up 65.5% of all bets. Soccer was the most popular sports by bet sum, while NBA placed first for top tournament. Bitcoin turned out to be the most popular cryptocurrency in sports betting.

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