END 2 END CEO Alejandro Revich

"Crisis sharpens ingenuity, and I don't think the pandemic was any different"

Alejandro Revich, CEO of END 2 END.
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In an interview with Yogonet, Alejandro Revich, CEO of END 2 END, a leading provider of bingo multiplayer technology solutions and operations, gave a very positive assessment of the year that is coming to an end and outlined the objectives, developments, and products that he considers key for his company in 2022.

What is the overall assessment of your business performance during 2021 and what were the dynamics of your key markets like?

Without a doubt, it has been a great year for END 2 END. From a commercial standpoint, we have surpassed our break-even point in our third year of operations, not to mention the fact that two of those years have been in the midst of the pandemic, which meant that we also had to adapt to many different conditions in general, as well as to those of our customers in particular.

From a technological perspective, we have been able to develop a unique Multiplayer Platform, which we hope will continue to grow and attract the attention of more and more operators, from the online, land-based, and retail world as well.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact your company and its development during 2021? Do you think the worst is over?

Personally, I believe in the phrase "crisis sharpens ingenuity". This has always been the case, and I do not believe that this phenomenal crisis has been the exception.

From the beginning, we have been a company that has developed a large part of its work remotely, and the COVID-19 pandemic did nothing more than solidifying this way of working. The development settings, which used to be in our offices, became cloud-based; teamwork meetings became virtual meetings, and although we have lost a lot of interpersonal interaction, we have gained in productivity and in the appreciation of each individual's time.

It is clear, too, that the lack of in-person events in the industry affected all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, but events are slowly coming back and we are all wanting to get back into the pre-pandemic "rhythm".

If the worst is over? To give an accurate answer, one would have to have a "crystal ball" and be able to guess the future. It seemed that everything was returning to normal and then Omicron appeared. We are exposed to the risk that new variants may appear, that existing vaccines may not work, and that everything may start from scratch again. What is a fact today is that whatever happens, we will no longer be taken by surprise.

What is the strongest highlight compared to the past year?

To the excellent 2021 we have had, we have undoubtedly put the "cherry on top of the cake". Our recent partnership with Aspire Global will allow us to open the doors to new markets and operators while allowing us to be the Bingo and Lottery Games' arm of one of the most important iGaming platform providers in the world. There is no doubt that what lies ahead for us looks very promising, and we are more than ready to face these new challenges.

What are your expectations for the upcoming year, and have you already set your business objectives?

Our aim is to continue to grow. We are still working on the 2022 Budget, but the main objective will be to expand into new markets and operators. We are ready to certify and license our platform in those jurisdictions that require it. We are also in the process of creating new products, including a lottery games platform, to satisfy a different and more diverse demand. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the opportunity to share these thoughts with the readers of Yogonet, and to wish you all a very happy holiday season and an excellent new year.

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