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Slotegrator releases new ebook analyzing LatAm iGaming market

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Slotegrator has released an ebook that takes a detailed look at Latin American markets from Mexico to Argentina where it analyzes the cultural, political, and economic climate of each country and evaluates its iGaming potential in order to help entrepreneurs and investors get their foot in the door before the markets are saturated.

Some of the ebook's key findings show that, as the first country in Latin America to establish a comprehensive regulatory and licensing framework, Colombia is setting an example for its neighbors of what a healthy iGaming industry looks like. The country’s rapidly growing iGaming market isn’t without its issues; payment processing is still a challenge. Overall, however, the future of iGaming in Colombia looks bright.

As for Brazil, its 200+ million population and legendary football fever make the country fertile ground for sportsbook operators, Slotegrator's ebook notes, adding that the long-anticipated regulatory rollout of sports betting has drummed up much-deserved interest.

Argentina has a large population, a high GDP, a smartphone penetration rate of over 70%, and a passion for sports so great that there are churches named after football players, according to Slotegrator. However, the inviting profile is belied by an inflation-ridden economy and a famously volatile currency, and government attempts to rein in the flighty peso aren’t making things easier for business owners.

"Mexico is ready to step into the limelight," Slotegrator says. Years of regulatory back and forth have resulted in conflicting legislation that’s subject to interpretation. An impending overhaul of federal regulations promises to more than double the size of Mexico’s regulated iGaming market.

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