Renewal and new stage

Latamwin relaunches brand and image

Latamwin's new corporate identity appeals to the fox, for its cunningness and adaptability.
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Latamwin, a company that specializes in providing services and technological solutions for online casino and sports betting companies and platforms, announced a change in its aesthetics and brand with the aim of embodying in its new identity "agility to adapt to changing environments and proximity", which is why the company chose the figure of the fox to characterize its business identity.

"We decided to accompany the moment we are currently living as a company with a branding change, aligned with this stage of consolidation and expansion at a regional level," said Latamwin CEO, Wildref Adelsdorfer. "We want to transmit our values and our Latin American identity, maintaining a vision of sustainable growth around the online gaming industry," he added.

The firm which specializes in the provision of services and technological solutions for companies as well as online casinos and sports betting platforms chose to focus on the image of this cunning animal because it is present in most of the countries of the continent and because it represents cunningness and skill to adapt to the different conditions of each territory.

Latamwin CEO, Wildref Adelsdorfer

The new image and business identity meet a series of measures that the company is adopting, which will allow it to address the challenges brought by the current situation of the industry, such as the constant incorporation of quality standards, security, and integrity of the game, as well as the formation of a Board of Directors.

"We have a long-term perspective, so we are constantly adding the best practices of the industry worldwide. We want the passion that we have for our work be also be transmitted in our image", Adelsdorfer concluded. 

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