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adp Gauselmann unveils new ZONIC generation of cabinets at industry summit

The event took place at MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA amid strict COVID protocols. On top of presenting the latest products, the company invited guests to music and live shows.
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The Gauselmann Group subsidiary celebrated its most important sales event, with over 1,3000 guests in attendance to see the company's latest offerings. The highlight of the event was the ZONIC, a new multigamer featuring two 32-inch screens. Other products included new arcade installation features and eSolutions.

adp Gauselmann celebrated on Friday, September 3 and Saturday, September 4 an industry summit, the subsidiary's most important sales event. Amid strict compliance with COVID rules, all of the 1,300 guests at the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA were presented the company’s latest multigamer, called ZONIC.

The ZONIC generation of cabinets was unveiled at the industry summit, a multigamer featuring two 32-inch screens, which due to their arrangement and the smooth transition to a particularly deep console “ensure a perfect gaming experience” not only in terms of the games and features included, but also ergonomically, states the group.

From a design standpoint, the highlight of the ZONIC is that its look can be easily changed using six different frames. adp Gauselmann demonstrated the merits of the individual frames in a fashion show in which models in thematically coordinated costumes floated across the catwalk.

The event saw the presence of not only the company’s German business partners but also visitors from important distribution markets of the Netherlands and Spain. All of them had either been vaccinated against COVID, or tested beforehand.

“I’m particularly proud of these products in which I myself am still involved,” said Paul Gauselmann in the opening ceremony, founder and Chairman of the Management Board of the Gauselmann Group.

In addition to the ZONIC, adp Gauselmann also presented other latest offerings within its expanding portfolio. In the area of arcade installation, a product innovation unveiled at the summit was the new MULTI PLAY feature, which allows three games to be experienced on just one multigamer.

Another highlight feature presented was RISK+, which allows “to enter at a higher level on the risk ladder.” The MEGA SPACE respin feature, the V22 games package generation, the bonus game –aimed at ensuring the best entertainment “even in the booking break” – and reel scaling were also featured in the event.

The Gauselmann Group subsidiary also presented a series of new products which could be of particular use for “customers with installation locations in the gastronomy sector”: the CASINO CORNER, a new room concept. The new MERKUR Multi Multi VIII, and MERKUR Multi Multi BANK SAFE 3-in-1 games packages, as well as the Merkur Multi Athena games package, which features automatic game optimization, were also favorably received.

MERKUR eSolutions, a smart offering that represents one of the company’s latest addition to its growing portfolio, combines land-based gaming with online gaming, enabling customers to participate in this new modality. The sales team and product manager were present at the exhibition area in order to provide interested guests with advice and support on the solution.

On top of information on the latest products, and insights into the company’s current work and industry by specialist presentations of both internal speakers and association members, the Gauselmann Group invited guests to an evening of entertainment. This featured singers, a party DJ and a magic show for the ZONIC presentation.

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