Despite seeing a slight monthly decrease, kept leading the global ranking with over 213 M users

Top global gambling websites traffic flat in July

Global data of top gambling websites by traffic shows leading with 213,370,765 users, down from the 222.79 million reported in June.
United States
Reading time 2:18 min did see monthly growth and came second with 93,893,777 users, up from June's 82.08 M. The Florida Lottery website traffic was flat from the prior month and kept heading the US ranking, followed by the Texas Lottery, which climbed from the third to the second place with a 34% increase. Bet365 and Skybet didn't see significant monthly changes and led the UK list.

Yogonet data partnership with SEMrush has revealed new traffic numbers of the online gambling sector and search volume data related to the online gaming industry for the month of July.

Global data of top gambling websites by traffic shows leading with 213,370,765 users, down from 222.79 million reported in June. did see growth and came next with 93,893,777 (from 82.08 M in June), followed by, which also saw a significant monthly increase marking 61,775,666 users versus June’s 53.79 million.

Furthermore, the top gambling websites in the US saw mixed trends in July. The Florida Lottery ( kept heading the ranking with 22,654,855 users, slightly up from 22.38 million in the previous month. It was followed by the Texas Lottery (, which climbed from the third to the second place hosting 16,592,888 users, 34% up from June. The came next seeing a decline from 17.08 million to 15,411,742 users. 

UK top gambling websites were mostly flat in July from the prior month. Bet365 led the ranking with 33,029,354 users, slightly down from 33.82 million in June. Skybet came next with 21,115,768, down from its 23.14 million mark reported the prior month. Betfair and William Hill followed them both seeing monthly increases with 18,753,958 and 18,543,417 users, respectively.

The LatAm market was also included in the SEMrush analysis. In Brazil, led the ranking with 84,819,535 users, a 9% decline from June. Ojogodobicho came next with 81,242,762, up from its 78.9 M mark in June. Still far behind them, and saw significant monthly increases with 11,802,882 (up 120% from June) and 11,588,963 users (up 50%), respectively. In Mexico, was first by far, with 93,792,571 users, 14% up from June. came second with 929,261, while hosted 335.987 users.

In Colombia, came on top with 13,882,666 users in July, down from 15.5 million reported the prior month. came next with 10,339,685 (a decline from June’s 11.1 million), and they were followed far behind by, with 1,234,892. In Peru, marked 3,871,555 users in July, a 70% increase that allowed it to overtake bet365 (2.453.893). came in third place with 1,736,405 users.

SEMrush also works with search volume data related to the gaming industry, based on the average number of times a specific search query is entered on a search engine per month. The top global English keywords searched in July were “lottery” (4,090,000 times), followed by “online games” (2,740,000) and “casino” (1,830,000). The same ranking order was true in the US and the UK.

As for online gambling-related questions, “is online gambling legal” came first with 1,300 times, up from its 1,000 mark in June. “How to gamble online” came next with 1,000, followed by “is online gambling illegal” (720).

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