Interview to Amy Lipton, Vicepresident of Marketing of WMS

“I will establish a close alliance with casino operators”

United States
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Lipton replaces Rob Bone, who was appointed as VP and General Manager of Sales and Operations for the West of the United States. Previously to his incorporation to WMS, Amy Developer her professional career in IBM since 1982. In an interview to, the executive commented about this new challenge.

Which are the reasons of your incorporation to WMS? Which is your contribución to the company? 
Since 2006, WMS has experimented a 70% growth in its incomes. In order to maintain this growth level, the company has adapted and focused its efforts listening to the opinion of its customers. As a consequence, Rob assumed a leading role in our Team of Sales and Operations of the Western Sector of the US, to offer a better service to our customers and help us develop our strategical goals in the US market.

This change offered us a better alignment that had the goal to: 1) boost the productivity of our commercial team, 2) Maximize our impact for the customer and 3) create a communication channel coordínated with our strategical vision.

This change was reflected in an opening, that allowed WMS to acquire and take advantage of the important international marketing habilities and in the social media I count with.

I bring more than 25 years of leadership in international marketing and customer knowledge in the gambling industry. Among my records of success, there are important achievements in marketing programs of international Entertainment and “new media”, as well as the expansion of perspectives on the important role that social media may play when shaping the future of gaming experiences through the players’ feedback and the power of innovative solutions in network games. The combinación of these habilities with my experience in digital media and internet technologies will play a decisive part when guiding the future strategy of WMS as leader in the introducción of excellent experiences for players.
Which will be the main goals for the following months?
o increase WMS market presence and its exhibición to fantastic content and game technology. Besides, I will establish a close alliance with casino operators to guarantee our alignment with their future needs and the main strategic initiatives of the company. I will make sure that our customers understand the advantages and the value of network gaming applications of WMS, as well as the factors that improve the Entertainment experience of the player. Beyond that, I will be a channel of vital importance for customers in order to make recommendations on its strategy “product per product, bank per bank”, that will allow operators to begin the transicion towards a future of network games that is totally interoperable.

In which markets will you focus?
I will support the marketing efforts of WMS at an international level, which comprises different market segments, among them, approved and licensed  gaming operations, casinos and lotteries. When new installations or existing installations in the area are opened, I will help evaluate which is the best way to face the market needs.

Which will be your future steps for WMS?
We are prepared for the future thanks to our extraordinary talent and our magnificent tools. Listen to our employees, our customers and players allow us to position us from a suitable persspective, both at a business and technological level, to lead the next revolution  in casino operations at a business level.

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